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Consequences of Dirty Diplomacy

There have been significant changes on the issue of Iran in the international scene, the example of which was about Iran’s nuclear activities.

IAEA’s meeting in November, along with signs of change in US’s policies toward Iran, was indeed a defeat for all warmongers who thought of stoking the fire of war on Iran.

Earlier, US security theorists had advised the Washington to avoid any kind of military action against Tehran and instead try to preserve the ways of communication. They had warned of the dangerous consequences of wrong measures. *

“Since the WMD Commission report indicates that the US has not enough intelligence on Iran, it is better for the US and its international allies to take the opportunity for getting closer interaction with Iran in order to get assurance that its nuclear activities are only for peaceful purposes. That’s because Iran has the right to have peaceful nuclear activities. This close cooperation can also yield useful intelligence on Iranian nuclear programs and can serve the needs of US intelligence community,” security advisors suggested.

Iranian president’s proposal in the UN, for inviting foreign sides to take part in nuclear projects, was also based on the idea that the only way to guarantee the peacefulness of the Iranian nuke activities is to have interaction and cooperation.

Along with this, European countries asked for the resumption of talks with Iran and the US government authorized its ambassador to Iraq to engage Iranians in Iraq.

Of course, these events are all painful for those who wanted a war on Iran by false accusations.

"On the one hand, I think it’s a good idea to maintain back-channel contacts with adversaries," said Raymond Tanter, a former National Security Council staffer, whose Iran Policy Committee has called for Washington to deploy against Tehran the Iraq-based Mujahideen-e Khalq, which is listed as a terrorist group by the State Department. "On the other hand, when you go public after Ahmadinejad says he wants to wipe Israel off the map, it seems to reward Iranian belligerence. I don’t know why it’s being done." **

During past two years, these people have played with the option of “either Iran or Israel” and have tried to impose the ideas of Israeli warmongers in the US. They want to convince the US to attack Iran by using Americans’ sensitivity on Israel.

The group they (Zionist lobby and arms dealers) support is the terrorist group of Mujahideen-e Khalq. The activities of this group in the past two years were focused on spreading rumors, demonizing Iran and convincing the US to attack Iran.

The analysis of the groups’ leader, for saving the group from the crisis after the fall of Saddam in Iraq, was to stoke the fire of war against Iran by taking advantage of tension in the Iranian nuclear case. “Only in that case, we would be lifted from terror list and the US would rearm us again,” he had said.

On the one hand, the leaders of the group asked the members to have influential political and propagandistic activities regarding Iranian nuclear activities. They even said to the members- who have no contact with the outer world- that the leaders of the group were leading an international battlefield against Iran and that the MKO has convinced Europe and the US that the time for war on Iran has come.

However, on the other hand, they came to the scene as an anarchist pressure group to promote the goals of warmongers.

They have even promised to recognize the Israeli government, guarantee the interests of oil and arms companies and … if they are supported in a joint victorious war against Iran in which they would play the role of Afghanistan’s North Alliance!

With such requests, that would receive no international response due to the situation of this dying organization, the Zionist lobby has accepted to support them.

Preserving the Camp Ashraf, as the cult’s main purpose in recent months, only serves MKO’s propagandistic goals; calling “an organization” the 3000 restricted disarmed forces in this camp comes from charlatanism of the MKO to show that they are being supported.

Now, with the failure of betrayal policies, MKO continues to resort to dirty diplomatic deals. Meanwhile, it evades giving comprehensive analysis on the failure to keep closed the eyes of their members.

Members in Camp Ashraf may not understand the stances of the organization, but those who relied on the promises of Rajavi’s remnants, in front of the IAEA and European Parliament, should be said that: “This is the consequence of dealing with dirtiest representatives of imperialists and the dirty diplomacy of MKO leader. You were used as the tools of this dirty diplomacy and you should ask Maryam Rajavi about the fate of “global battlefield’s leadership”.


* Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

** Jim Lobe/ Antiwar.com

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