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Consequences of Working with Terrorists

Although MKO defectors are being protected in a separate camp, have stopped organizational ties with this group and have quitted terrorist operations, and although they have been interviewed by the UNHCR, the process of transferring them from Iraq has been suspended so that the residents of this camp have gone on hunger strike.

Meanwhile, the website of Hambastegimelli, whose authors interfere in the affairs of these defectors, quoted Mr. Emanuel Giang the head of UNHCR in Iraq as saying: "The process of transferring and resettling these people in a third country is very long and complicated. Their presence in Iraq and their past ties to the MKO are important factors that can slow the process."

Opposition of governments to granting refugee to defectors in TIFF (against the will of UNHCR) and other problems which will come for the residents of this camp and also residents of Camp Ashraf certainly are the consequences of working and cooperating with a terrorist organization. That’s why they face the opposition of governments despite the international regulations that entitle them to choose freely their destination. The governments and authorities preserve their own right not to allow the entrance of these people, with the background of working with a terrorist group, into their countries.

The total dismantling of MKO is the best solution for all the members in Iraq, that’s why after the fall of Saddam, Massoud Rajavi, who saw it was not possible to construct his organization anywhere else, ordered his forces to insist on staying in Iraq.

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