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The MeK New Front: messages, and consequences

Rajavi’s wrecked band goes into the abyss

The MeK New Front: messages, and consequences

Rajavi’s decision to apparent fighting with the dissidents and his entrance to stage of full-scale clash with protestors, whatever the reason, has important messages and consequences.Rajavi's wrecked band goes into the abyss

The most important message of Rajavi’s recent move is that despite the continuous efforts of his cult members for demonization of dissidents as poltroons and deserters, their revelations about Rajavi’s character and true nature of relationships in the MeK has had the desired effect. Dissidents’ disclosure has so shaken the pillars of Rajavi’s organization and challenged his fantasy grandeur that he has no choice but declaring fight against them.

In this regard, Rajavi has said openly: "By early 1392 (Persian Calendar), the regime has spent millions of dollars to employ mercenaries and political underdogs in order to scheme against the Mujahideen, the National Council of Resistance, and, especially, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the MeK Leadership."

The fact is, In addition to the slander and character assassination of dissidents, Rajavi remnants were attempting to trade with anyone who has seceded from the group in order to silence him by allure and despite their relative achievement in previous years, Rajavi’s new approach reveals that the MeK has failed in this field, too.

 The new statement of MeK’s leadership and the meeting they held recently indicates that the terrorist group has no choice but to fight against dissidents physically. Undoubtedly any adventure in this field will have immediate consequences for security of the MeK. Actually, any thuggish action in western countries is intolerable and they will be faced with overwhelming response!

This statement once again reveals that the MeK which one day used to claim overthrow of Iranian government, now is involved in internal conflicts and his main concern is survival of his organization at any price.

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