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Bad terrorists and good terrorists

The United States’ recent decision to remove the Mojahedin Khalq Organization from its list of foreign terrorist organizations was actually taken in line with Washington’s problematic approach to the issue of terrorism.

The U.S. divides terrorism into good and bad versions. Those terrorist activities which are against the national interests of the United States are regarded as bad while those benefiting the U.S. government are placed in the good category. This problematic approach has in fact legitimized the crimes committed by many terrorist groups and organizations around the world, including the MKO.

From the U.S. perspective, Israeli attacks on Palestinians and the slaughter of innocent citizens by the savage Israeli troops are regarded as good. The terrorist operations targeting Iranian nuclear scientists are also deemed acceptable because they are in line with the general interests of the U.S. government in countering Iran and its growing influence. However, the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan targeting the occupation forces are defined as evil.

Over the past twenty months, U.S. officials have staunchly supported the terrorists operating in Syria. They have overtly funded the rebels fighting against the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad, and the U.S. has ensured that weapons have flooded into the hands of the terrorists. This is because the terrorism in Syria is a good instrument for protecting the Zionist regime and such types of terrorism must be supported in U.S. doctrine.

Over the decades, Washington has also been forced to endorse the political terrorism of the Zionist lobby. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s ridiculous show at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he called for a red line to be set on Iranian nuclear progress, was regarded by many political analysts as a blatant act of bullying the U.S. government. The extremists in Israel have become accustomed to such acts of political terrorism, which are meant to eliminate any type of opposition to their lust for power.

U.S. President Barack Obama finally came to the conclusion that he and his administration had nothing to hide about their dealings with the MKO. In other words, everyone knows that the group and its activities have become integrated into the United States’ anti-Iran policies. However, the decision clearly proved that Washington’s so-called campaign against terrorism is nothing but a big lie.

By Hossein Sheikholeslam

Hossein Sheikholeslam formerly served as Iran’s ambassador to Syria. He is currently the parliament speaker’s advisor on international issues.

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