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Are Good Terrorists Always Beneficial?

The current situation of the Middle East has once more indicated the blatant double standards in the approach of certain states to terrorism. For instance, extreme hypocrisy is seen in Syria right now. Western states, Saudi Arabia, and some other Gulf States have been contributing funds and arms to the rebels against Assad Government. Thus, terrorists are not considered terrorists as long as they serve the interests of these certain countries.

The same not-written rule is applied about the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) which is not actually an opposition group but it is a terrorist extremist cult against Iran. If cable news viewers and consumers of US print media knew who these “Iranian dissidents” actually were, they would begin to ask some serious questions about US foreign policy, writes Caleb Maupin of Russia Today. [1]

He warns US policy makers about the MKO’s violent past and deceitful tactics. Stating a number of terrorist acts of the group, Maupin writes about the MKO’s treasonous alliance with Saddam Hossein: “During the Iraq-Iran War, the group became very friendly with Saddam Hussein. With money pouring in from the Iraqi regime, the group formed an armed outfit called the “Iranian National Liberation Army.” They went through Iran committing war crimes, hoping that they could secure victory for the US-backed Iraqi invaders that used chemical and biological weapons against Iranian civilians.” [2]

Tony Cartalucci suggests that the US double standard over terrorism is a documented foreign policy. He refers to Brookings Institute as the corporate-financier funded and directed policy think tank that “has served as one of several prominent forums documenting and disseminating US foreign policy.” According to documented reports of Brookings Institute the US foreign policy makers should use rebel terrorist groups against Iran and Syria. [3]

Despite the above-mentioned documents, the US as the sponsor of terrorist has its own justifications.  “Occasionally, US officials will try to justify the coddling of this group of violent extremists with vague claims that it “renounced violence”, the Russia Today correspondent notifies. “However, the group is very open about continuing its armed underground activities inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.” He brings facts on recent violent acts of the MKO hand in hands of Israel. “Reports indicate that it was members of MEK, in cooperation with the Mossad that assassinated scientists working on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program in 2012,” he writes. [4]

Maupin submits,” The program of the United States and Israel for the Middle East is permanent civil war, chaos, and death. Part of implementing this program is the rallying cry of “regime change in Iran,” and the promotion of violent terrorists who oppose the Islamic Republic.”[5]

The same plan has been designed by the US to destabilize the regime of Syria. The US apparently plans on protecting ISIS for as long as possible under the guise of being the sole force “fighting it,” while ISIS consolidates and moves on Western designated targets, according to Cartalucci. “In the process of “fighting” ISIS, the US is managing to destroy Syrian infrastructure and defenses.” [6]

“The US, however, has failed in attempts to exclude Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian forces from countering the ISIS threat and now the region is witnessing a race between ISIS’ inevitable destruction and America’s attempts to topple Damascus before ISIS vanishes from its geopolitical toolbox”, Cartalucci adds.[7]

As a matter of fact, miscalculation of the US is not limited to the use of ISIS. The Mujahedin Khalq is not an appropriate option for the West either. While Syrian opposition or even the ISIS forces may enjoy some support among Salafi Sunnits, the MKO hardly ever enjoys support among Iranians. Furthermore, they are detested by the majority of Iranians.

Numerous journalists, analysts, academics and human rights bodies such as Human Rights Watch and even the US state Department have determined that the MEK is an undemocratic, cult-like organization that is widely detested inside Iran.

Mazad Parsi


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