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Rajavi’s new army heralds a sinister new ‘mass suicide’ plot

Both the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UNAMI chief Martin Kobler have appealed to Europe to help relocate the 3000+ former combatants of the MEK terrorist cult who are currently living in the Temporary Transit Camp Liberty near Baghdad.

Last week, four more residents escaped the cult to take refuge with the Iraqi authorities as the internal control strictures worsen. It is impossible for MEK leader Massoud Rajavi to keep the residents isolated as at Ashraf. They will receive information about the outside world and the possibilities for them. They will seek freedom.

The danger for Rajavi is that the cult will disintegrate suddenly into disobedience and anarchy.
But for Rajavi the answer does not lie in relocation to Europe. The only bargain he will agree to is to either stay in Camp Liberty or recreate Camp Ashraf in another country and transfer the MEK en masse.
In Europe there are many, many former MEK members who are outspoken about the horrific human rights violations imposed on them through cultic mind control practices. In Cologne women talked about coerced hysterectomies they underwent to satisfy Rajavi’s bizarre demand. About forty women were subjected to spurious surgery to remove their wombs as part of Rajavi’s cynical manipulation of gender, relationships and sexuality in the cult. (www.iran-zanan.de Persian)

But where Rajavi’s recent assertion, via an audio address, that he is the sole and rightful leader of the Iranian opposition, and his consequent invitation for all other groups and personalities to join him, is a risible example of the hubris, narcissism and self-delusion which typify his character, his latest announcement exposes a very sinister and vicious side to the man.
In an address to the MEK, Rajavi announced that the National Liberation Army (NLA) is now defunct and is to be replaced by the Iranian Free Army. Putting aside the embarrassing downgrading of the MEK’s armed personnel who for thirty years have promised to overthrow the Iranian regime in its entirety, and their replacement with a cheap copy of the western fabricated and opportunist Syrian Free Army, Rajavi’s motive for this announcement needs some explanation.

Since the MEK was removed from the US terrorism list, critics have reminded decision makers that the leader of the MEK, Massoud Rajavi, has reiterated the cult’s commitment to the use of violence to pursue its aims. Rajavi has done all he could, short of ordering a mass suicide, to prevent the break up of his fighting force in Iraq. So far he has succeeded in keeping them together, albeit in a new location. As he faces the prospect of a UN driven disbandment of these forces he has settled on a more lucrative form of ‘mass suicide’ for the cult members.

The moment Rajavi announces to the world that the people in Iraq are an army with the intention of aggressing against Iran with a view to forced regime change, he makes them a legitimate target for defensive counter attack by the Iranian army. It is clear which side has the superior power to destroy.

By thus inviting the Iranians to kill his forces, Rajavi is positioning himself on the far right of the hardliners of the Iranian government, who would like nothing better than to annihilate the MEK organisation in its entirety.

But this is not the total sum of Rajavi’s cynical disposal plan. The re-branding of the MEK’s fighters as the Iranian Free Army allows Rajavi to sell the brand to those who can best use it, namely the Israelis. No need to blame Israel for assassinating Iranian scientists when such heinous acts can be blamed on Rajavi’s new army. Rajavi benefits not only financially, but from the credit which would by default attach to the MEK as a dangerous presence in Iran. Again, Rajavi is positioning himself to the far right of the hardliners viz-a-viz the Iranian people and his own forces.

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