Letter to Charles Falconer

Ali Akbar Rastgoo, Awaa Association, January 6, 2006  The Rt Hon Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC  Secretary of State Constitutional Affairs Selborne House 54-60 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QW England

At the meeting on 13th December 2005 held in the British Parliament there was a discussion about “the Mojahedin Khalgh Organization, (an Iranian organization which is settled in Iraq). At the same day a web site called “Iran focus” (that is associated to the “Mojahedin Khalgh Organization”), published allegations stipulating that Lord Tony Clark affirmed that 405 Members of the British Parliament are in support of this group, but no names were mentioned.

In diplomatic relations the names of the supporter must be published to confirm the legitimacy of such allegations, therefore this announcement was counterfeit and supported by substantial evidence. Similar actions from the here above mentioned group happened many times before, for instance the counterfeited letters that were published on behalf of the pervious Member of Parliament “Win Griffith”.

The “Mojahedin Khalgh Organization” was recognized as a terrorist group by the United States of America once again in October 2005. This organization also uses several fictitious names such as: “National Freedom Army”, “Muslim Student Association and National Resistance Organization” to distract the attention of the western world. However, all of the above names were added to the official terrorism list. Your government along with the European Union emphasizes to continue on fighting against terrorism.

Dear Sir

My questions are hereby as followed:

How were your name and your parliament member’s names used for the support of terrorism and why did you not show any reaction to that effect?

Do you support the “Mojahein Khalgh Organization” and their actions?

Do you support the war against the present government of Iran?

Do you agree with forming a Totalitarian government by the name of Islamic Democratic Republic?

I would be greatly appreciative to receive a response letter on your behalf Mr. Lord Falconer


Ali-Akbar Rastgou


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