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Hassan Dai must explain MEK ties

Yesterday I posted a blog titled Hassan Dai: Unrepentant Fraud, exposing the self-proclaimed “progressive” activist. It quickly became Iranian.com’s hottest topic. Hassan Dai entered panic mode.Hassan Dai must explain MEK ties

Dai falsely accused me of working for NIAC and refused to address the points in my article. Then he reposted his comment word for word. And finally, in a comedic act of desperation, Dai posted a blog four hours after mine with an old recycled article to distract from the attention my piece was getting.

As I told Mr. Dai, Iranians do not like liars and frauds, and sooner or later he is going to have to come clean to the Iranian people.

Mindful of the fact that at least he did comment on my article and does read these blogs, this may be the perfect (and perhaps only) opportunity to ask Mr. Dai the questions he has long avoided answering. After all, this is a man who prides himself on being transparent and responsive to questions.

Since Dai constantly avoids answering questions about his links with Masoud Rajavi’s Mujaheddeen (MEK) cult, and friendly TV hosts don’t press him on it, I’ll begin with unanswered questions on this topic.

1. You were in Iraq, but you have never disclosed how long you were in Iraq and for what purpose. Please clarify this for us.

2. Members of your family, such as your brother and sister, have held (and perhaps continue to hold) important positions in the MEK organization, as spokesman and other roles. Was your time at Camp Ashraf solely for visiting them? How much time in total did you spend at Camp Ashraf?

3. Mindful of your ties to the highest levels of the MEK, how many times in total have you met Maryam Rajavi?

4. Do you believe the MEK has ever engaged in terrorism and what was your reasoning for lobbying for their delisting?

5. Do you consider the MEK to be a cult?

6. The MEK is infamous for practices such as forcible divorce and breaking up of families. You divorced your first wife, and it’s been said you no longer have contact with her or your son. Was the divorce and prohibition from contacting your son related to your time with the MEK?

I have seen the panic and emotional reactions you exhibit when asked about your MEK ties on television. Perhaps for once you can summon the courage to answer these questions for people. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of. At a separate time, we will explore your deep financial and political ties with pro-war Neocon racists. You have a lot to answer for, but let’s take this one issue at a time.

By Kourosh Ighani

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