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Hassan Dai: Unrepentant Fraud

If you ask US Iranians to identify their community’s loudest mouthpiece for Neocon-MEK disinformation, chances are Hassan Dai would place high on the list. And it seems like almost every month something new appears to reaffirm that view.Hassan Dai: Unrepentant Fraud

Dai’s latest blunder came in the multiple orgasms he had covering a report linking two anti-MEK activists to Iranian intelligence. The report by the Library of Congress was leaked to Neocon Bill Kristol’s Washington Free Beacon. The MEK’s online operation immediately distributed the report with its own interpretation, and Hassan Dai followed suit a day later.

But Dai’s excitement was to be short lived. In what appears to be an unprecedented move by the Library of Congress, they retracted the report for inaccuracy, as its findings were revealed to trace back to the MEK.

In the aftermath of the embarrassment, the Library of Congress has distanced itself from the report and most of the report’s online occurrences have been pulled (fringe Neocon publications notwithstanding.)

Dai’s piece has yet to be withdrawn, and no corrections have been issued.

Publishing bogus stories using faulty sources is nothing new for Mr. Dai. The real story here is Dai’s emergence as the instrument of choice by the MEK and Neocons to spread their message in the Iranian community. If the MEK takes up an issue today, Dai can be expected to echo it tomorrow.

Dai’s latest misinformation debacle follows explosive revelations just weeks earlier exposing his deep financial ties with pro-war, pro-MEK, anti-Iranian racists like Daniel Pipes who coordinated and directed his attacks inside the Iranian community.

It is important to keep perspective however; by himself, Hassan Dai is a nobody. But for Rajavi and his Neocon sponsors, he serves a useful purpose. Daniel Pipes is happy to use Dai as a smelly brown megaphone to serve his ends, only to toss aside like a roll of toilet paper when its usefulness has reached its end. With Dai’s “journalistic” blunders piling up, it won’t be long before the Neocons turn to someone else to do their dirty work.

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