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Desperate Struggle to Stop Dispersion

MKO fabricates to stop any final solution for resettlement out of Iraq (aka Mojahedin Khalq MEK Rajavi cult)

When Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, made the humanitarian offer to take about 210 members of MKO residing in a transit camp near Baghdad, many began to consider it a promising sign that could be the beginning of an end to the residents’ sufferings and torments and a miraculous escape from the thralldom of the Rajavis cult. It could be the beginning to promote cooperation of other countries and to pave the way to take more refugees. Alas! No soon had it been announced than was rejected by the Rajavies. In an attempt to provide compelling justification, the group announced it could not accept an offer of asylum for only a small portion of the group. A direct rejection would seem more acceptable than such flimsy excuse as such a transfer is more a mirage than near to reality. The rejection well indicates that MKO never aims to leave Iraq nor is looking for a final solution for resettlement of the members long enslaved physically and psychologically. It seems more a tactic to buy time to impede the gradual dissociation of the organization.

Taken as a typical of MKO, the group did not hesitate to put the blame of a deliberate rejection on others. In a statement issued by MKO in March under ‘Martin Kobler’s disgraceful lies in Security Council’, MKO accused Martin Kobler of deflecting attentions from the main issue, the security of the residents to say, and brazenly claimed to have been the first to come up with the transfer of its members to Albania more than a year ago:

“Kobler misused the humanitarian act of the Albanian government in accepting 210 of the residents for his own propaganda purposes in order to avoid the urgent security crisis and to divert attention from his own destructive role in forcefully evicting the residents and transferring them from Ashraf to the Liberty killing field. This is while the issue of residents’ transfer to Albania has been on the table for more than a year, and the government of Albania had agreed on the transfer of 210 residents in November 2012. At that time, the residents gave the government, the UNHCR and the United States a number 1 priority list of patients and residents who should be transferred first, and have been waiting and are still waiting for their rapid transfer. On March 21, on yet another occasion, the residents’ representative sent the same number 1 priority list to the UNHCR for transfer to Albania. In January, envoys of the Iranian resistance met with senior officials of Albania in Tirana, accepted all the expenses and urged their government to increase the number of residents going to Albania.”

However, it did not take long to see MKO’s lies being exposed. After ending his trip to Iraq, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, made remarks concerning the outright refusal of MKO to accept the offer of resettlement in Albania:

“We had worked out an arrangement with the Albanians to take about 250 people, but then the people in the camp themselves declined to go. So we’re trapped in a kind of round robin.”

However, MKO waged a total media blackout on such disclosures when covering John Kerry’s trip. MKO’s duplicitous behavior is not unknown to those familiar with the rooted hypocrisy in the group. The conduction of disinformation campaign, even if it works on the insiders, undermines public trust in its truthfulness of claiming a democratic resistance. Although it has abused freedom, democracy and its insiders’ devotion for a total organizational hegemony, it will have no other way but to submit under a universal pressure and when it feels it has failed to shape public opinion in its own favor.

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