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Memoirs of Nasrin Ebrahimi, MKO EX-member_ Part 6

Nasrin Ebrahimi is a former member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization, who fled the group in 2006. She was Nasrin Ebrahimione of the first survivors of the Cult-like MKO who dared to reveal the corruption of the leaders of the group. She was the first person to speak of the “Summit Operation” which was a cult jargon through which a large number of female members of the group became infertile by Hysterectomy surgery.
Nim Negah Website is publishing series of interviews with Ms. Ebrahimi. Nejat society translated excerpts of her memoirs of the sufferings of living in the MKO cult.

As I said, Massoud Rajavi exploited women against men. In fact, women were Rajavi’s slaves who were misused to fight men this way he grew hatred between men and women in Ashraf.

Rajavi hides his true face behind women. He manipulates them to humiliate men; to make them work as hard as slaves…

Men couldn’t clearly see Rajavi’s role in the story, they could only see some rude savage women who treated them madly. Thus the men hated the women and sometimes they came near their base to harm them.

For instance, once we had gone to a camp near Baghdad called “Parsian” to attend certain meetings. A number of women had remained in Ashraf. At night a woman who had gone to the yard of the dormitory was attacked by a man. The man had wounded her face and hand by a cutter. It was really horrible. I have no idea if she was raped but I remember the wounds on her face and hands.

Rajavi made efforts to grow hate and animosity between men and women and in general among all members. He thought that growing hatred among members will lead all love and affection toward him.

Regarding sexual suppression in Camp Ashraf, I’d like to note that some individuals in the Camp committed suicide because of the psychological diseases that originated in hormonal problems.

I recall a young girl who was about 22 years old. She was constantly suppressed during brainwashing sessions because she spoke of the heavy sexual pressure and deprivation she suffered in the cult. I used to drive in the camp giving ride to women who wanted to commute in different parts of the camp so I often used to see that girl taking her to Ashraf hospital. Once, she told me about the stress and difficulty she suffered. She said,” I’d like to fall asleep at night and not to wake up in the morning.” She wished to die. She wanted to get released of the life in the cult. I hardly tried to calm her because I feared that she would report what I said in the self-criticizing session we were supposed to attend at night. I didn’t let her feel free to open up her heart. By the way, she said that she wished that a bullet has come out to kill her! Exactly three days later she shot herself. Fortunately she survived the suicide. When I asked her why she committed such an act, she replied:”I’m tortured to death here, I wanted to finish it,”

You see Maryam Rajavi chanting slogans about “Mujahed” women. This is just propaganda. You should live with these women for only three days to know the suffering  they go through…

Rajavi knows that sexual problems such as masturbation is the result of forced divorces and suppression of sexual desires but as we know Rajavi is very egocentric, totalitarian and an illusioned person who thinks that he is able to change people’s nature the way he likes. He thinks that he can turn people into what he wants by using manipulation techniques. He wants to swim against the current.

He is aware that he is not and will not be successful in this illogical process but he never admits his fault. If he admits this mistake then he is not more “Rajavi”. He considers himself the absolute leader who never goes wrong! Thus, in the meetings the solution presented to such problems was actually putting accusation on members. Maryam Rajavi never admitted that Massoud had run an inhumane project that ended in such big troubles instead she found all faults with the women who according to her had to resist such problems. The cult-like atmosphere was somehow that no one could let herself to criticize the system or the headers. Everyone just wondered why she was not able to cope with her sexual issues. If a woman confessed that she had difficulty to control her sexual desires, she was humiliated in public. She was labeled as “anti Maryam’s revolution”. She was told, "you don’t want to resolve your sexual problems otherwise you can!”

[..] Maryam Rajavi used to say,” You should be like me; you should follow my steps! You should pass through sexual issues so that you can take a serious responsibility in the organization like me! “ Therefore certain question come across our minds: How Maryam Rajavi dares to say such words while she is married and wearing a wedding ring and how she compares herself with the women who have been separated from their husbands?!

After sometime, when the Rajavis got to know that the nonsense they want to push as the solution for sexual problem is not helpful, Maryam began speaking of sharing Massoud with other women in the group. “Massoud does not belong to Maryam Rajavi", Maryam said. "He belongs to all women. All of them have the right to imagine themselves with Massoud but if they think of any other man they cheat on Rajavi .You have the best husband in the world!”

At that time I thought she meant that we should mentally cope with our sexual shortages with Massoud but after I fled the group, I found out that the suggested solution was not a mental practice but in some layers of the Elite Council!, it was practically carried out. [Refer to Batoul Soltani’s memoirs of sexual relationship between Massoud Rajavi and women of the “Elite Council”]

[…] In the system of the Cult of Rajavi, you must only praise Rajavi and criticize yourself. If you verbally abuse yourself ,you will be treated nicely but if you dare to say something against Rajavi’s will, in the brainwashing meetings, you should just listen to Maryam Rajavi  and say,” Yes ,Sister Maryam .You are right. We made mistake. We will solve our sexual problems…”

No women dared to speak out. You could not realize what was really going on in their minds. Everything was repeated like a cliché! "Yes you are right, we are wrong”, we repeated every day.

As we say, the MKO is a cult. I mean that it is a closed establishment where friendly relationships hardly ever take place because everyone is under control all the time. It is not simply believable but believe me that even prisoners are not treated the way the MKO members are treated. In very few cases, certain members who were seriously under sexual pressure, spoke of their masturbation habit in a Daily Cleansing session (Daily Cleansing is a cult jargon in which members have to confess their sexual thoughts and memoirs of their ex-husbands and any other man). I remember a girl talking of her masturbation habit. She feared that she would have other disease because of such a habit. The outcome of such a confession was that she was boycotted for a long time; she was so terribly treated that no one else would dare to repeat what she did. She was attacked, verbally abused in any meeting

To Be Continued…

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