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Memoirs of Nasrin Ebrahimi, MKO ex- member_Part 3

Nasrin Ebrahimi is a former member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization, who fled the group in 2006. She was one of the first survivors of the Cult-like MKO who dared to reveal the corruption of the leaders of the group. She was the first person to speak of the “Summit Operation” which was a cult jargon through which a large number of female members of the group became infertile by Hysterectomy surgery.
Nim Negah Website is publishing series of interviews with Ms. Ebrahimi. Nejat society translated excerpts of her memoirs of the sufferings of living in the MKO cult.
Male and Female: a Separation

Rajavi’s major objective was to maintain members in Camp Ashraf by killing the hope for future life.

 Male and Female: a Separation
Hysterectomy operation verified Rajavi as the most criminal and treasonous person in the history of Iran. In his opinion, the removal of women’s wombs would entirely turn them to Rajavi’s property for ever.
In order to suppress male members, Rajavi used female members over them. To show their superiority over men, women had no pity for others, they pretended to be rough. The more they imposed pressure on male members, the more they were praised by Massoud Rajavi. This was the sign of connection with Massoud. Hard labour didn’t let members think. Rajavi had deceived a bunch of womenwho were victims who in their turn victimized male members. You might have heard of Ms. Batoul Soltani’s revelations about sexual abuse by Massoud Rajavi. I was not a member of MKO’s Elite Council (Leadership Council) but when I got to know about Ms. Soltani’s memoirs, I realized the histories about “Leadership’s Bounds”  and meetings with Maryam Rajavi in which she told us,” We are all Rajavi’s wives.”
According to Ashraf regulations, all women are in “Rajavi’s Bounds” so no one had the right to look at them or think about them.
We were given necklaces by Massoud that meant that we were connected to the leadership. As we were going ahead in meetings, new subjects would emerge. For example, after we got the necklaces, the subject “4 walls” [chardivari] was proposed; the meaning of the new subject was that we had an owner, named Massoud Rajavi. Maryam Rajavi typically told us:”You have the most handsome and the best husband in the world. How a married woman let herself think of another man?”However, at that time I supposed that her words were absolutely ideological arguments not anymore…
After compulsory divorces, the situation in Camp Ashraf was not like a normal community and the events that took place in Ashraf never take place in an ordinary community so it’s not easy for female defectors of the MKO to talk about it.
In my idea we shouldn’t be scared or ashamed to reveal what happened to us there, instead Massoud Rajavi should be ashamed because he caused all these problems for us.
Psychological researches indicate that the suppression of sexual and emotional desires doubtlessly hurts person’s mental health. First of all, I believe that we should view the issue scientifically not personally…
In 1996, men and women’s bases in Ashraf were made separated from each other. Separated bases were built for women inside Camp Ashraf. The separation was created to stop men and women to get involved with each other even in their minds. (This was called “Caught in a moment”).Rajavi feared such an issue so women were completely alienated from men. Just a small number of female officials stayed in male bases as their supervisors.
A number of women were not happy with the separation process. They weren’t impressed by Rajavis’ propaganda.”This is contrary to the values we have propagated for years,” they said.”If men and women cannot work together, so we made mistake to chant slogans about the equality between men and women”. […]
By the way, we were resettled in female base. In a meeting that was held immediately after the relocation, the officials told us:”Now that sisters are apart from brothers, there is the risk that you pamper yourself and leave your values." (!!) Therefore severe and harsh treating became more than the time we were resided together with male members…

To be continued

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