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The MKO, No Democratic, No popular

The Majority of Iranian People dynamically care about politics. The recent Iranian Presidential election was the proof to such idea; over 70 percent of the nation participated. Meanwhile, the Russian chess legend Garry The MKO, No Democratic, No popularKasparov was leading a virtual voting platform on his website to allegedly give the Iranian people the opportunity to participate what he calls a “free, fair and secure” elections. Although Kasparov’s symbolic virtual voting system missed to involve the aspirations of all Iranians but the results of his “We Choose” campaign demonstrated significant facts about the Iranian’s desire for the future of their country – at least about the aspirations of those 5000 people who had access to voting in that system and also were able to find their favorite candidate there.[1]

According to the results of Kasparov’s survey, Maryam Rajavi won less than 1 percent of the votes, despite the MKO’s active propaganda in the web. The result was not surprising as it was previously widely reported that the MKO does not enjoy the support of the Iranians but it once more proves the MKO’s lack of credibility among Iranians.

Former Pentagon official and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin who is  the author of the famous article on the history of the MKO ,”Monsters of the Left”, has lately posted a piece on the Commentary Magazine  recognizing the MKO as a “Dishonest Cult”. In his new piece, Rubin asserts MKO’s lack of popularity and credibility in its own country. Even though, Rubin’s account of the Iranians’ will is not exactly accurate, it states some sort of truth. Notice how he clarifies MKO isolation among the Iranian community:

“Iranians are politically engaged—even if not within the system—and did not hesitate to talk. Many spoke of their desire for alternatives. Some asked about the son of the late shah, living in exile in the United States. Others would speak more theoretically about a desire for a republic or other alternative. The only thing on which Iranians agreed was their dislike of the Mujahedin al-Khalq Organization (MKO).” [2]

On the other side the group propaganda makes efforts to foist the MKO as the voice of the Iranians. The group’s spokesman Ali Safavi claims that “The world now has attested to the fact that the MEK is a legitimate resistance movement representing the Iranian’s aspirations for democratic change”.  they could manage to buy among US officials. ”No longer being considered a terrorist group does not make the MKO democratic,” Rubin believes, “however, as anyone who has ever studied their internal workers can attest." [3]

Referring to the Kyrgyz student Alina Alymkulova’s “interesting diary“ [4] on the MKO’s rent-a-crowd on June 22, Paris, Rubin concludes,” it seems that the MKO leaders must now not only pay speakers  to sing their praises, but also the audience members.”[5]

The MKO has so far survived by resorting to such means of misinformation using complicated methods of recruitment and then manipulative mind control system to keep the recruited ones but what about the 76 million Iranians?

By Mazda Parsi


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