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MKO million dollar supporter’s defeat in Iraq’s elections

One of those who in recent years provided MKO with comprehensive support in Iraq and praised the terrorist cult in every opportunity is Ayad Jamal al-Din, a notorious backer of MKO who is on his last legs of presence in the Iraqi parliament. The out of favor Iraqi cleric was badly defeated in the parliamentary elections and despite the heavy costs of millions of dollars for the elections neither him nor any other members of his list named “Ahrar movement” found a way to the parliament.

Anti-Iranian attitude
Having spent 16-year of clerical studies in Iran, Jamal al-Din declared in an interview with Al-Arabia satellite channel late last march that “if I had the authority I would have provided MKO with much more freedom of action to make them an active opposition against the ruling regime in Iran”.

Jamal al-Din always calls members of the sect as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and claims that nobody has the right to forcefully relocate them inside Iraq and that such a relocation is prohibited according to international laws and regulations. “We should support the MKO and let them have satellite television in Iraq” he also argues.

In a different interview with “Alaan” network, the zealous advocate of MKO reveals how he looks at the MKO as a tool for putting pressure on Iran and says: “MKO would be the first pressuring tool I would use against Iran as soon as I seize the power in Iraq.”

In a so-called conference for supporting MKO presence in Iraq held in camp Ashraf in 2008, MKO announced they have collected about 3 million signatures from Iraqi people to stay in Iraq. At the same conference Ayad Jamal al-Din addressed the Islamic Republic of Iran with an offensive literature and expressed his full support for Rajavis’ cult which was welcomed by the cult members.

Scandalous defeat in Iraq’s elections
Ayad Jamal al-Din, who was absolutely sure of his victory in Iraq’s parliamentary elections, spent about a hundred million dollars for his political movement and even chose the advertising team of his campaign from London and applying modern campaigning methods he was prepared for celebrating his victory.
But how could a political figure that would talk of Iranian interference in Iraq and the need to legally support a terrorist group be successful in Iraq even by exorbitant spending for his political organization?

About 12 million Iraqis participated in march7, 2010 parliamentary elections in Iraq which equals 62 percent of those qualified for voting. This is while Jamal al-din’s movement gained merely 48 thousands of the total number which is something less than %0.5 of the total number. So, in spite of all the money he spent for buying votes, neither the pro-MKO cleric nor any other members of his movement could find a way to the parliament.

Of course it’s hidden to nobody that in pro-democracy countries like Iraq one cannot expand terrorism and support terrorist groups such as MKO under the cover of nice words like human rights…

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