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Pars Brief – Issue No. 73

Inside This Issue:

  • AP Interview: UN Iraq rep urges exile cooperation
  • Iraq: UN envoy welcomes relocation of dozens of Iranian exiles to Albania
  • The Shameless Pro-MEK Lobbying Continues
  • Bob Filner now claims he was fooled by fake MEK charity in U.S.
  • Why Is There Bipartisan Support for the MEK? Because Politicians Like Getting Paid
  • MEK Stirs Pot in Iran Despite Improved Negotiation Outlook After Rohani’s Election
  • Michael Rubin: Yes, Mujahedin al-Khalq Is a Dishonest Cult
  • How to pack a Mujahadeen-e-Khalq rally: spend thousands on Western politicians, less on (non-Iranian) students

Download Pars Brief – Issue No. 73
Download Pars Brief – Issue No. 73

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