To be in the terrorist list, or not to be

To be in the terrorist list, or not to be;

This is not the question

Undoubtedly, the MeK leadership is pleased by Ted Poe’s claims about the group collaboration with U.S intelligence agencies. On the other hand, probably, he is sorrowful why media in the U.S did not cover it.To be in the terrorist list, or not to be;  This is not the question

Mr. Poe’s statements has being delivered in line with main policy of the MeK, which is closeness to the U.S and gain support from it, and meets two basic components: first, it seeks to hide the undemocratic and Stalinist nature of the MeK organization by pretending that they have renounced violence. Second, seeks to bring up group’s capacity to espionage against Iran, in order to attract U.S authorities’ attention to apply this group.

It is evident that, according to a general security rule, if the MeK was intelligence colleagues with the U.S, the Congressman was not allowed to speak a word about it; furthermore, such an action would be considered as whistleblowing of security secrets and it would yield serious consequences for him.

In fact, Mr. Poe just mentions to the same lies that Rajavi’s remnants through western media propagate against Iran. In other words, his statements are touting for the Rajavi’s gang in the U.S.

The main point in Ted Poe’s statements is that the MeK has renounced terrorism. Such efforts by U.S officials like Mr. Poe to cover up the group’s terrorist nature indicate U.S statesmen reaction against the proposal to recognition of the MeK as a democratic and non violent opposition of the Iranian government. So, once again it becomes clear that despite Rajavi’s illusions, getting out of the U.S terrorist list has changed nothing.

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