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The End of Puppet’s Games

-Ehud Olmert, acting Israeli prime minister, welcomed IAEA’s decision to report Iran’s nuclear case to the UN Security Council and said: "IAEA’s decision was a result of multilateral complex efforts in which Israel played an important role".

– Maryam Rajavi, expressing her satisfaction over the move of the IAEA against Iran, said the resolution was a victory for her group; she said that decision was the result of efforts of the MKO, which announced top secret information on Iran’s nuclear sites.


The comments of Ehud Olmert are reminding of some facts behind the anti-Iranian activities of the Western countries in the IAEA.

1. Olmert believes that guaranteeing the safety of Israel was the main drive for IAEA’s move.

2. IAEA’s decision was the result of multilateral efforts of Israel.

These multilateral complex efforts, to which he points, are simple plans the evidence of which was revealed two years ago:

– Introducing Iran’s nuclear program as a military, that these activities have targeted Israel and that Iran’s case should be referred to the Security Council

– Opposing Europe’s policy of engagement with Iran.

– Pushing the US toward taking a touch stance (possibly, military action) against Iran.

At the first step, Israel received a big blow by trying to convince the world that Iran’s nuclear programs are for military purposes; official experts have not announced in their analyses that Iran’s nuclear programs are military-bound.

But on other issues, the US entered the game of Israel and took Europe and the IAEA- with threat and subornation- from temporary suspension policy to "permanent suspension of all nuclear research". This was totally in contradiction with the policies of the IAEA and was in itself a weakness for Israel’s complicated game.

However, what’s related to the terrorist MKO is the role it played with the direction of Israelis. MKO’s game started two years and half ago.

The first duty of the group was to hold so-called revelation meetings, according to the false and forged documents of Israelis; this was all done in order to prove that Iran’s nuclear activities are for military purposes.

For instance, the MKO never explained how it got aerial photos of Natanz and Arak nuclear sites!

The complexity of Israel’s plans can be explained in the way of directing and controlling the MKO, for giving false information to them and hide the real agenda. The US also tried to do the same; it paid attention to MKO’s scenarios in order to save its spies, but the show didn’t go on for a long time and the spies were arrested very soon in Iran.

After the MKO understood it was being played by Israel, went on with the game to get credit for itself. But the game had no benefits for the group, so that the leaders of MKO started complaining that why no one was listening to them in the IAEA and elsewhere! Instead, IAEA spokespersons said that MKO claims were baseless.

For the second time, Israelis used the MKO to make a nightmare of Iran’s nuclear activities for Europeans; they were ordered to repeat that Iran had long-rang missiles that could hit Europe if equipped with nuke warheads.

This was to weaken European’s policies of negotiations with Iran and the MKO, that had understood that these policies didn’t allow Israel’s plan to come true, opposed them openly and called it "policy of appeasement". They hurriedly put aside various claims and in an insolent move (particularly after the presidential elections in Iran) said that these policies were in contradiction with guaranteeing the safety of Israel and the peace of Middle East.

Having realized the importance of Israel for the US, purposes of warmongers, and with open interpretation of "the big Middle East" plan, Mojahedin put Israel’s policy in its own agenda: instigating the US to attack Iran. MKO tried all possible ways to push the US toward encountering Iran militarily (it should be noted that both Israel and MKO failed in this regard and part of US’s diplomatic efforts against Iran come of this failure).

Mojahedin desperately try to introduce this event to their members as a victory. But the history has proved that this will certainly lead to a big failure for the MKO. In Iraq’s war against Iran, MKO became Saddam’s toy and felt victory by serving him as fifth column; but those countries that helped Saddam at that time were the first to label the MKO as traitor; they were the first to bomb MKO bases and disarm them.

Recent events could be a victory for the MKO only if the Westerners paid attention to them; but the current situation indicates that the West has to stand against this group to prove its own credibility. In addition, the survival of the group- despite the claims of its leaders- requires getting out of terror list. Diplomatic encountering with Iran will keep this group in the list of terrorist organization.


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