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MEK is a tool for playing its masters’ dirty games

MEK mercenaries

Let´s look at the cult like group that has been supported and backed by SA, Israel, and CIA : This group is known as the Mujahedin Khalq Organization ( the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Or The Cult of Rajavi ) It´s about the MEK, a tool for Regime Change, terror attacks in Iran, for spying on the Iranian nuclear program, for sabotage acts, for things that the enemies of the Iranian government have to be ashamed  of and do not wish to ta talk about them.

And who is behind changing the peaceful protest in Iran into the violent one. Do Iranians   wish to change the peaceful protest into a violent one and get imprisoned for their legal demands?

Maryam Rajavi’s call for uprising and the support she voices for the alleged Iranian teachers’ and truck drivers’ strike indicates her collaboration with Saudi Arabia, the warmonger party of the US, and the Israeli government for destroying the Iranian nation instead of democratizing it.

The Mujahedin are the proper tool for the SA-US-Israeli alliance because of their long standing capacity for spying, fighting as a proxy force for the former Iraqi Baath regime and launching terror acts against the Iranian civilians and government officials.

Today, the MKO is charged with a new task, this time in the social media, particularly twitter. About a month ago Aljazeera reported that a widespread campaign of social media manipulation by actors who are opposed to the government in Tehran has had many analysts eyeing Iran’s enemies for clues to who might be behind the project. [1]

Most of the accounts identified had only a few dozen or a few hundred followers and used generic profile pictures. The vast majority tweet almost exclusively in opposition to the Islamic Republic with many exhibiting sympathies with an exiled Iranian dissident group, the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK). [2]

The report was widely covered and analyzed by the news media. MKO’s camp in Albania was called by the Balkan Post as “secret MEK troll factory” that uses “modern slavery”. [3] Al-monitor, in its turn called the group’s base in Manez, Durres near Tirana as the “MEK’s troll farm”. [4]

The defectors of the MKO who were interviewed by certain media to clarify the case, confirm that the MKO members are used as a tool to run the group’s propaganda in the social networks.

“Overall I would say that several thousand accounts are managed by about 1,000-1,500 MEK members,”former MEK member, Hassan Heyrani, told The Listening Post.”It was all very well organized and there were clear instructions about what needed to be done.”[5]

The MEK online unit was especially active during several weeks of protests beginning in December 2017. Members were ordered to emphasize the anti-regime nature of the demonstrations, according to Aljazeera. [6]

“Our orders would tell us the hashtags to use in our tweets in order to make them more active,”says Hassan Shahbaz, another former MEK member.”It was our job to provide coverage of these protests by seeking out, tweeting and re-tweeting videos while adding our own comments.”[7]

Gordon Duff of Veteran Today describes MKO’s keyboard warriors as “terror trolls who are paid by the US”. “CIA run troll factory in Albania busted for influencing media with fake Twitter trends, personal attacks and even terror threats,” he states. “CIA troll farm is in a former Soviet military base. From Albania, the MEK has joined with the Albanian mafia, running weapons and drugs into Europe.” [8]

Elliot Gabriel of the Mint Press News also writes, “The group has long enjoyed the backing of the Iranian government’s enemies, ranging from toppled dictator Saddam Hussein to Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” [9]

Gabriel states that the group, which have also been described as “skilled manipulators of public opinion,” are said by ex-members to tolerate little internal dissent and are seen by many as little more than a well-funded, mafia-style cult commanded by self-styled “Iranian President-in-Exile” Maryam Rajavi and backed by her friends across Western and Gulf capitals.

Gabriel might be right to consider that the troll farms of the MEK will remain an important weapon in the arsenal of those seeking to manufacture the illusion of widespread anti-government fervor in an Iran under the gun of economic sanctions, media terrorism, and the low-intensity warfare of sustained “regime change” efforts.

By Mazda Parsi


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