Nejat families letter to António Guterres

Letter to António Guterres UNHCR from Nejat Society families of Yazd Province, Iran

Honorable António Guterres ,

We, the signatories to the following letter are the families whose beloved ones are captured in the Liberty Camp, Iraq. We would be pleased to inform the authorities of the United Nations of the following issues and pass on our previous calls for aid.

Removing the cultish and organizational limitations is regarded as the basis for the freedom of the captured members of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization of Iran in Iraq; An organization which according to the UNAMI has changed into a sect and established the dictatorial relations.

By imposing the mental and physical limitations and violating the basic rights of the Camp residents in Iraq and outside Iraq, the organization has disconnected the communication between the members and their families, not allowing them to think, make a decision about their own fate. And according to the report issued by UNAMI in early 2013, it is stated that:

UNAMI has continuing concerns about human rights abuses committed by the PMOI leadership against Camp Hurriyah residents. By its hierarchical and authoritarian structure ,the Organization imposes severe restrictions on the residents’ rights, including the right of freedom of movement within the Camp and the right to leave the organization, the free right of association, along with restrictions on contacts with family members (including those residing in Camp Hurriya), on access to basic communications, and on access to medical care and treatment.

Your Excellency

This is the request of elderly mothers and fathers who look forward to visit their children. Their hope in life is to see their beloveds once again.

Your Excellency

We are deeply concerned for the fate of our children. We are entitled to see our children and we are sorry that the international human rights bodies haven’t paid the least attention to us.

We totally support the evacuation of Camp Liberty and transfer of the residents from Iraq where they are under the threat because of terrorist attacks and sectarian conflicts. We support the Camp Liberty residents’ transfer to other countries, especially the ailing or injured ones and those who own the visa of the US and European Countries.  We urge you to take action and confront the leaders of the organization who obstruct the process of relocation of camp Liberty residents. We entreat to accelerate their evacuation.

We, together with all other families all over Iran, ask the international organizations, especially the United Nations High Commissioner to encourage other countries to accept their admission and resettlement.

We greatly appreciate every effort you have already made in order to make the families aware of the fate of their children and families in the Liberty Camp.

Sincerely Yours,


Mohammad Soltani Gerdfaramarzi (the father of Ms. Tahereh Soltani Gerdfaramarzi),

Jafar Soltani Gerdfaramarzi –

Mohammad Ghafouri (the brother of Abolghasem Ghafouri)

Hassan Zarezadeh Baghdadabad (the brother of Mohammad Zarezadeh


Aliasghar Ramazani Zadeh, the son-in-law of the Zarezadeh,

Saeid Paydar, the brother of Paydar,

Ahmad Haeri and Ms. Mahini, the father and mother of Shahin Haeri,

Robabeh Razavizadeh Bahabadi, the sister of Seyedhossein Razavizadeh Bahabadi,

Kazem Beheshtizadeh, sin-in-law of Mohammadali Masih, (the captives: Nahid and Tayebeh Masih) Robabeh Karbalaei Sabagh, the sister of Alireza Karbalaei Sabagh,

Ahmad Karbalaei Sabagh, the brother of Alireza Karbalaei Sabagh,

Hassan Dehghanpour, the brother of Pouran Dehghanpour,

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