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MKO and ISIS constitute an Axis of the Israeli Evil

MKO and ISIS constitute an Axis of the Israeli Evil

The death toll is rising as rockets rain down on the citizens of Gaza. Children, women, men – nobody is safe from the indiscriminate bombing. Israeli tanks reportedly shelled a hospital in Gaza, killing at least four people and wounding 60. More children than Palestinian fighters are being killed in the offensive on Gaza, according to the latest United Nations statistics, despite Israel’s claims to be waging a targeted military campaign against Hamas.

As the bully of the world, the Israeli government does not agree to stop the massacre of civilians of Gaza. In an unmoved and delayed position taking by Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said it was his "hope and belief" that there would be an end to the fighting soon!

Acting as the proxy force of the Israeli Empire, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) together with other extremist group of the region run Zionists’ agenda in the Middle East. Professor James Petras, Boiling Frogs Post contributing analyst and the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals confirms the role of terrorists to expand the US Empire that turned out to be replaced by the Israeli empire:

 "Thanks to US military and financial aid, Israel has become the dominant military power in the Middle East and the only nuclear power in the region. The US has used Israel’s wars and invasions of its neighbors to secure several Arab collaborator client states (notably Jordan and Egypt). More recently the US-Israeli power axis has been expanded to include the client regime in Kurdistan (northern Iraq). In addition, the US-Israeli axis has been deeply involved in financing and promoting collaborator opposition forces in Lebanon (currently the Hariri political formation), sectors of the armed mercenaries in Syria, Kurdish Peshmerga militias in Iraq and the so-called ‘Mujahedeen al Khalq’ terrorists in Iran. The US CIA and Israel’s Mossad engage in clandestine violent operations directly intervening to destabilize secular and Islamic nationalist regimes like Iran, to disrupt their communications and to assassinate Iranian scientists and leaders. Israel has secured political and intelligence agreements with Egypt and Jordan to isolate and dispossess the Palestinians. The US has secured military bases and operational platforms in Egypt and Jordan to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, President Bashar al Assad in Syria and the Iranian government."

Although the MKO claims to be a pro-democracy movement, its violent record and cult-like attitudes very naturally links it to other terrorist forces including ISIS that act for the interests of Israel. To deny such links the MKO’s propaganda arm National Council of Resistance issues a statement in which the group accuses the Iran of launching disinformation campaign against the group. According to the group propaganda anyone in the Iraqi administration and legislation bodies who reports of the cooperation between the MKO and ISIS terrorist extremists in Mosul, is an element of the Islamic Republic and his words in any news website is part of the Iranian "fabrications".

To justify its support for the Iraqi crisis makers the MKO propaganda refers to "remarks" of its self-claimed leader Maryam Rajavi who is swollen with pride to address "parliamentarians and prominent political figures, especially former U.S. senior officials". Her so-called remarks says,  " Iranian regime made vain attempts to confront the Iraqi people’s uprising". What Iraqi people’s uprising Rajavi means? Today the most propagated news of the crisis in Iraq is focused on the crimes and atrocities committed by ISIS and the horror the Iraqi people are exposed to.

Even if the MKO is able to wipe its history of cooperating with terrorist extremists –there are many reports of links between the Cult of Rajavi and other terrorist groups including Jundullah and its new affiliate Jaish aladl– its association with Israeli Empire cannot be neglected because in this case this is Israel that decides how, when, and where to use its proxy.

Mazda Parsi

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