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MKO’s Death in US-Iran Talks

There are various comments on the issue of US-Iran Talks, including that of Al-Zaman newspaper, writing: "Joint fight against terrorism will be possibly a basis for the talks and Iran will ask for the extradition of MKO."

This issue is critical for Mojahedin and this extraordinary importance has upset the remnants of Rajavi.

It should be noted that the US, unable to run and manage Iraq affairs, has accepted Iran’s role in Islamic countries and particularly Shiite communities- the role it tried to deny; with dividing the opportunities, the US is seeking a way out of Iraq crisis.

Iran’s position among Iraqi Shiites, called by the MKO only as "hidden occupation of Iraq", is a historical, cultural, social and religious issue; an issue the MKO has always been dissatisfied of. They (Mojahedin-e Khalq leaders) say the only way to fight this hidden occupation is to follow the way of Saddam, namely ignoring and suppressing the right of more than 60 percent of Iraqis for living.

In an interview with Al-Arabia news channel, Egyptian president "Hosni Mobarak" stressed: "A significant part of Arab countries in the region is comprised of the Shiites who are mostly loyal to Iran rather than countries they live in."

In response to a question on Iran’s influence in Iraq, he said: "Iran has naturally influence on Iraqi Shiites who constitute 65 percent of that country’s population."*

What has bolstered Iran’s role not only in Iraq but also in the whole region is the lowering of US’s position and hatred toward the policies of this country among the people of the world. This feeling of hatred is particularly stronger in the Middle East and among Muslims due to US’s support for Israel.

In fact, the US is investing t improve its image among the people of the world and Muslims. In the meantime, its unilateral and warmongering policies block any improvement.

Negotiation with Iran with whatever topic and content, held in response to the request of US ambassador in Iraq and the mediation of Iraqi political figures, is a sing of the victory of nations and prove the role and power of Iran.

In contradiction with the current realities and in order to boost the morale of its forces, the MKO interprets the negotiations as a setback for Iran and by linking it to the nuclear case concludes that the pressure from the West and the US forced Iran to come to the table.

By this, they try to convince their members to stay with the group (even for a short time).

Regardless of reasons and causes of Iran-US negotiations, and with a look at the developments in the region, it should be reminded that US’s current policies are condemned to failure and hanging on such policies (by desperate groups like the cult of Rajavi) will bring nothing except total extermination.


* Fars News Agency


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