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Nader Rafi’ee Nejad, A Torturer of MKO

Nader Rafi’ee Nejad is a torturer of Mojahedin-e Khalq organization. He is an old-time member of MKO who, along with Reza Khaksar (later killed in armed clashes in 1981) and Hassan Mohassel (former police officer and later a guard in MKO prisons in Iraq), served for revolutionary court in Evin prison; he interrogated and tortured former authorities of ousted regime of Shah.

Due to MKO’s adoption of radical policies in 1980, Rafi’ee Nejad, Mohassel and Khaksar were later dismissed from revolutionary court by the Islamic republic.

After the armed struggle began in 1981, Rafi’ee Nejad came to Europe and was appointed in foreign relations department.

In 1985, he was introduced as a major member and in 1991 as deputy of an executive board in the MKO. in 1990, he took off his "diplomatic" suit and wore the uniform for jailors of MKO in Iraq.

In that year, he went to Iraq’s intelligence and security service to undergo classic training by Iraqi interrogators.

He was involved in torturing Mohammed Hussein Sobhani and also the killing of Parviz Ahmadi who died under torture.

He is one of the main promoters of "lumpenism" in the organization. Mohsen Hashemi, a former member of MKO in Abu Ghraib prison explained for me how Nader had tried to crush by saying that: "I will undress your sister right in front of you and then I …".

It should be noted that at that time, Mohsen Hashemi’s sister worked for the MKO in Iraq. Later, Hashemi referred to Fahimeh Arvani and complained about this behavior of Nader Rafi’ee; she pretended she was upset while saying: "I will pursue this case".

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