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Victims in the MKO

Report of Awaa Club’s Research Committee

According to tens of reports received by Awaa Club, and also according to the families of the victims, there are numerous occasions of suppression in the internal relations of the MKO.

Awaa started to study this case two years ago and conducted interviews on disappearance of a number of victims. In this regard, a letter was sent to Iraqi president Mr. Jalal Talabani, asking for his help in the field of investigating this case. Following this case, large number of reports and letters show that the suppression and disappearance of people in the MKO has a long history. Those who disappeared were the victims of suppression policies of MKO leaders.

The victims are tens of members who disappeared inside the MKO. The case was opened 2 years ago in order for the illumination of public opinion and it’s still going on. In this regard, we ask all informed Iranians, former members of MKO, and particularly the families of the victims to help us complete the investigation on this historical disaster by sending news, reports, photos, information and other documents to one of the addresses of Awaa Club.

Below is the first report of our investigations for the families, humanitarian workers and organizations and the media. It should be noted that more information will be published about each victim in the future.

Postfach 90 31 73

D- 51124 Köln

Tel: + 49 (0) 2203 92 53 692

Fax: + 49 (0) 2203 92 53 694

Mobil: + 49 (0) 175 639 1365

Mobil: + 49 (0) 163 184 9145

Email: aawa_association@web.de


The list of victims and missing people in the MKO

(The list is being completed)

Name Date of Death Type of Death How announced by MKO


1 Mojtaba Mirmiran 1988 Hanging Suicide

2 Homa Bashardoost 1993 Self-immolation Due to fire

3 Saeed Norouzi 2003 Suspicious US bombing

4 Mir Hussein Moosavi Yeganeh 1998 Suspicious No comments

5 Parviz Ahmadi 1994 By torture Martyrdom during clashes

6 Davood Ahmadi 1989 Hanging Suicide

7 Mohamad Reza Babakhanlou 1997 Self-immolation Due to illness

8 Aalan Mohamadi possibliy1998 Suicide Unintentional shooting

9 Ali Khoshhal 1995 Suicide Unintentional shooting

10 Jalil Bozorgmehr 1994 Suspicious No comments

11 Karim Pedram 1998 Suicide Unintentional shooting

12 Ali Naghi Haddadi 1994 Suspicious No comments

13 Farman Shafabin 1999 Self-immolation Unintentional shooting

14 Mohamad Eftekhari 1994 Self-immolation Fire accident

15 Ghorbanali Torabi 1994 By torture Military operation

16 Mohamad Talebdost 1989 missing No comments

17 Javad Dehghan 1981 Suicide Suicide

18 Mehdi Sharifi 1981 Suicide Suicide  

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