Victims of MKO Deceptions

Mirmehdi brothers, who were arrested after Sept. 11 and passed 41 month in jail due to cooperation with terrorist MKO, have sued a number of US officials including John Ashcroft (former attorney general) and Robert Moeller (the head of FBI) for what they call mistreatment by interrogators and prison guards and the use of false and unreal documents against them in the court.

Before being arrested in October 2001, they had applied for political asylum status but the applications of two of them had been rejected due to problems with documents.

It’s easy to guess what happened next. These poor guys were trapped by MKO dealers and smugglers. MKO agents encouraged Mirmehdi brothers to take part in MKO demonstrations in order to receive asylum immediately.

Unfortunately, Mirmehdi brothers were deceived by MKO and their participation in a MKO demonstration in 1997 led to detention and jail for 41 months.

However, MKO agents have failed to deceive Iranians in recent years; therefore, they try to attract Afghan, Arab and African immigrants for their demonstrations.

According to reports, US officials want to deport two of the brothers for not having visas. Meanwhile, being accused of cooperation with a terrorist organization causes other countries to refuse to accept them in their soil. This has complicated their problems.

Irandidban – 2006/08/17

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