Iranians’ complaints against Saddam to be compiled

Iranians’ complaints against Saddam Hossein and his international accomplices for the atrocities they committed, will be compiled, head of the Sacred Defence Foundation said on Wednesday.

Mir Faisal Baqerzadeh told IRNA that the foundation has planned to forward the attorney general’s letter including documents of Saddam regime’s crimes against Iranians to Iraqi Supreme Court.

He expressed hope that in the current situation when the US avoided hearing other crimes of Saddam regime such as imposing eight-year war on Iran (1980-1988), releasing the documents will pave the way to reveal crimes of Saddam and its international supporters, the US, against Iranians.

Documents related to chemical attack against Iranian nation, bombing educational and medical centers, destroying environment as well as mistreatment and execution of Iranian prisoners of war (PoWs) will include the complaint.

Baqerzadeh also referred to the documents of allocating military equipment to the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) by Baath regime, the reports of the UN envoys on the losses induced via the imposed war against Iran, and the list of Iraq’s air attacks against Iranian cities as well as the public complaints as other facts will be released in the future.

IRNA, Jan 3

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