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Iraqis, Victims of MKO Crimes

Mr. Borhan Alimardan, the head of Workers’ Union in Iraqi province of Kirkuk, said: “I and my family are the victims of Mojahedin-e khalq’s terrorist activities”.

Mr. Aliamrdan, who’s visiting Iran with an Iraqi group, said in a meeting with MKO terrorist activities’ victims that he and his family were also the victims of crimes by this group, so that the wounds on his body are still evident.

In the meeting, he and Ms. Sanad Sham’un, the chairwoman of Women’s Department in Workers’ Union, sympathized with other victims and expressed their hate for terrorist activities of this cult. “We know this group well. Under the protection of Iraqi Baath regime and Saddam Hussein, they committed numerous crimes against Iraqis so that many in northern and southern Iraq were killed and wounded by this group.”

This Iraqi group asked Iraqi government and international community to expel terrorist MKO from Iraq.

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