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Victims of MEK crimes in Albania appeal to President Meta for help

Dear Ilir Meta, Albanian President,

Your Excellency,
We are a group of former MEK members. We have separated from this organization and have lived with all due respect for the laws of your country for several years now. We have pursued our personal lives as civilians in Albania and that is why we left the MEK who have been abusing us for many, many years.

We came to your country legally and have not acted contrary to its laws and we are bound by its laws. That is why we expect to be treated with dignity and to be treated in accordance with the laws.
Unfortunately, we are witnessing some acts that concern us, including a recent case of a friend of ours, Ehsan Bidi, who has been disrespected by your police, arrested and taken to prison without access to a lawyer or any legal advice. He doesn’t even have the right to visits.

Ehsan Bidi

Ehsan Bidi has lived in your country for 6 years, has a 10-year residency permit from the Albanian government and is a refugee by all international standards. He, as a human being, has the right to know why and with what legal authority and with what permission and for what crime he has been arrested, and he has the right to a fair trial and to defend himself. A right that that is accorded to all people in all the civilized countries of the world.
We are sure that the plot to detain Mr Bidi was designed by the Mojahedin Khalq Organization and those who took bribes from this organization. We have received information that commanders in the MEK announced in a meeting that they had planned for Ehsan Bidi to be arrested and that this would be carried out by their friends in the Albanian government, and that they would carry out the same plan for the remaining former members who do not cooperate with us.
Europe’s Extreme Right Is In Bed With MEK (Mojahedin Khalq and Alejo Vidal-Quadras)

Mr President,
On Friday September 13, you visited the MEK camp, but we know that you have been misinformed about this organization. We have enough information about this organization and its dreadful internal relations, and whenever you request it we are ready to present this information to you; the MEK is a terrorist and inhumane organization that does not even have mercy on its members. We have all been members of this organization for decades and are well acquainted with its cruel, inhuman and mafia-like functions.
This organization does not have mercy on us, people who have spent our lives with them and served them all those years and who only seek now to pursue our lives as ordinary civilians because we refuse to further sacrifice our lives for the anti-Iranian goals of this organization.

Mr President,
As your country prepares to accede to the European Union, we urge you, as the national symbol and supreme supporter of law and human rights of Albania, to support us the victims of the plots of this organization. In the name of humanity please prevent this injustice, and do not allow the rights of the innocent to be harmed.

Our kind regards and best wishes for you,

1- Mohammad Azim Mishmast
2- Hadi Sani Khani
3- Hassan Heyrani
4- Abdolrahman Mohammadian
5- Hassan Shahbaz
6- Ali Hajari
7- Ehsan Bidi
8- Gholam Mirzai
9- Malek bit Mashal
10- Moussa Damroudi
11- Gholamreza shekari
12- Parviz Heydarzade


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