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Nader Keshtkar declare defection from the MKO

Mr. Nader Keshtkar declared his defection from the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) in Paris.

Mr. Keshtkar spoke about his disassociation with the MKO. He was interviewed during defectors’ rally in Paris to protest the MKO’s propaganda show in Villepint, on June 13th.

“I attended this action, together with my friends in order to officially state my separation from the MKO. Now that I am in the free world, liberated from prejudice ideas, dogmatism and Machiavelli thoughts of the MKO, I feel relieved,” he said.

To explain the reasons of his disassociation with the MKO he said,” Armed struggle was a mistake that gradually brought about severe consequences. The strategy of armed struggle was a mistake. The later the leaders revise this mistake the more the MKO goes in decline. The main reason of the impenetrable cul-de-sac of the MKO is the armed struggle. Ambitions, treasonous activities and lack of courage of Massoud Rajavi prevented him from reviewing his strategic mistake that led him and the MKO to turn in to the operative agent of Israel and Saudi Arabia.”

Translated by Nejat Society

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