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Mojahedin must accept defeat or declare war on Iraqi government

In response to Iraqi officials and their comments against the MKO, remnants of Rajavi’s gang have dispatched their lawyers to the scene to fight the decision of Iraqi government (on the expulsion of this group).

Following the comments of Iraqi ambassador to Iran Majid Al-Sheikh (on the MKO), Marc Henzelin who introduces himself as the legal advisor of MKO members in Camp Ashraf, in a threatening letter to Mr. Sheikh, has asked him to withdraw his comments otherwise he will be sued in international courts on war crime charges!

That the terrorist MKO has decided to create a threatening situation weeks after the comments of Iraqi PM and other officials (including Iraqi ambassador to Iran) on the expulsion of this group is a result of two factors:

1. Disarray in MKO leadership following the comments of Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki: it took weeks for MKO leaders to come to an agreement on current move (threatening Iraqi officials).

2. Political nature of Henzelin’s position is basically invalid from legal viewpoint; it’s rather a propagandistic effort by the gang of Rajavi to create fear among Iraqi officials otherwise it should have been expressed right at the time the comments of Mr. Maliki and Mr. Zebari on the MKO were announced.  Apart from this, one could expect the terrorist MKO’s war against the Iraqi government to start soon over the occupation of part of Iraqi soil.

There’s no ambiguous point in this. Occupiers have transferred power to Iraq’s legal government and decision making on MKO should be done by the Iraqi government. It has announced its determination to expel the MKO from Iraq and this means not granting the group with political asylum and it has no sign of forced transfer of members.

Therefore, both occupiers (who have granted the forth Geneva convention status to MKO members) and Red Cross (that should control the observation of this convention) have not seen any violation of rules by Iraqi government, nor can they impose an illegal request on it. The time of taking advantage of the names of coalition forces, US army and international organization (used by MKO during past 3 years to justify their illegal presence in Iraq) has come to an end and the legal position of democratic Iraqi government (refused by MKO) is the main obstacle for MKO’s ambitions; they should either accept it or fight with it.

MKO leaders have decided to preserve restricted MKO members in Iraq at all cost. There’s no other option for this group and in any other case, this group that seeks war and crisis to survive will be destroyed; the only hope for this group is to be used by Neocons in a possible war on Iran and this requires staying in Iraq; this dream will never come true.

The treacherous gang of Rajavi in Europe, who are living in the best conditions and have seemingly escaped from Iraq conflict, insist on staying in Iraq at the cost of sacrificing all MKO members (with different methods including self-immolation, committing suicide in masses and …).

Apart from organizational destruction, MKO’s insistence has another reason: Massoud Rajavi’s detention that, in the case of execution of Iraqi government’s decision, will lead to his extradition and trial as a war criminal. And this means the historical destruction of a movement that solely relies on this guy.

So, we should expect more propagandistic moves by the gang of Rajavi against the Iraqi government. Iraqi government will certainly respond to these moves and such efforts only open the hands of government for broader reaction to MKO’s illegal presence in Iraq.

Irandidban, August 19, 2006

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