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The MKO part of the Middle East crisis and threats

The propaganda arm of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization held the alleged Paris Conference on “Middle East in Crisis Threats and Solutions”! The self-claimed president of the MKO, Maryam Rajavi gave herself credit to advise Western Politicians about “the situation in the entire Middle East and the policies of Europe and the U.S.”!

This is not the first time that the cult of Rajavi endeavors to show off. Their so-called grand gathering this year was another effort by the cult to get itself recognized in the regional relations despite reports on its cooperation with forces of Islamic State terrorist extremists.

In her speech Maryam Rajavi “stressed that the terrorism that has engulfed the Middle East today is the outcome of inaction by the West in face of tyrants, especially the Iranian regime” but she failed to notice that her cult-like group is part of the terrorism that has engulfed the Middle East.

As a matter of fact, the atrocities of terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq ring the alarms for the West. For example French Foreign Ministry has recently condemned the MKO for its violent, nondemocratic activities. Because of long-time MKO’s presence in France, the government might be one of the most exposed Western countries to the threat of the cult of Rajavi. The French warning came immediately after the MKO held its so-called annual grand gathering where the group leader praised the “uprising” of what it called ”Iraqi revolutionaries”.

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley told Press TV, “The reason why the French might be doing this now I would think has something to do with ISIS and the events in Syria and Iraq. When you see a group like ISIS which is similar in many ways to the terrorists of the MEK, obviously there is a feeling in the MEK I would guess that they have got to get involved, that they have got to contribute, they have got to make themselves heard or they are not going to get the funding that they are accustomed to getting. So, they have got to do something perhaps not against Syria but primarily against Iran which is their specialty.” []

This is Dr. Griffin’s account of the MKO: “It’s of course extremely dangerous and the thing that the French point to, I think it shows the insidious methods that MEK has. It’s a very sinister group but here is what they are expert in. They buy officials, they essentially bribed them. I guess most people would say the formula they took here in the US was they would hold conferences and they would offer speaking fees to a lot of very important intelligence community type officials and these speaking fees were astronomical. Of course, the money was coming from the US taxpayer. It was a way to recycle US taxpayer money into the pockets of some of these corrupt officials.”[]

The paid American politicians may not know that Iranians loathe the MKO and the violent substance of the MKO under the leadership of the Rajavis could be a potential ISIS under Abubakr Al Baghdadi. They seem to think it is more admirable to speak on behalf of a formerly terrorist designated group when it is motivated by a desire to help them overthrow the Islamic Republic but they do not seem to ponder the threat the region is faced by the side of cult-like terrorist groups.

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney was one of those MKO-paid speakers who confessed that he had no information on the true nature of the Cult of Rajavi. Ralph Forbes of the American Free Press Newspaper wrote in January 2012,” GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney looked like a deer caught in the headlights when he was asked if he supported an international, anti-American terrorist organization with a bloody record for killing innocent civilians thousands of times worse than al Qaeda.” Forbes ironically notices,”This “expert on international affairs” claimed he never had heard of them.” []

The MKO has always been part of Iraqi crisis. It was Saddam’s Private Army in massacring the Shiits and Kurds Uprisings in 1991. Maryam Rajavi’s famous quote approves the group’s outrages against Iraqi civilians: “Take the Kurds under your tanks. Save your bullets for Iranian soldiers.”

Besides, the group’s propaganda campaign has been very active in influencing Iraqi political relations. They try to buy the support of Sunni tribal leaders and politicians. They also try to bribe them in order to target the publically elected Shite officials.

Today, the MKO makes its utmost effort to cause more crisis in Iraq only because it has no other way to maintain its cult structure. More chaos in the region helps the group leaders to buy more time to distract the attention of the international community towards their abusive attitude against their own members and to prolong the survival of Rajavi’s cult of personality in Iraq, not so far from the Iranian border.

The international community should beware of the risk of ignoring the threat of such destructive groups in the region otherwise another Islamic State would emerge under another Abubakr Al Baghdadi. It would be no surprise if the name of the new extremist leader would be Maryam Rajavi.

Mazda Parsi

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