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A Funny Solution to the Middle East Crisis

I’d like to congratulate Mojahedin for the new discovery of one of its enthusiastic advocates who believes that removal of the terror label from Mojahedin solves the crisis in the Middle-East. Mojahedin themselves had never thought of such an unsought potentiality.

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and the leading figure against the proscription of MKO, is more steadfast than Mojahedin in the fight. Published in the Birmingham Post, Nov. 17, Lord Corbett strongly contradicted Tony Blair’s recent saying that Iran- “in conjunction with Syria – may hold the key to a peaceful Middle East”. He adds that:

Western leaders are scratching their heads in desperate search for a new Middle East policy as the dire situation in Iraq worsens and tensions in Lebanon and Palestine rise.

It does not mean that Lord Corbett favors a permanent anarchy in the Middle East, no, heaven forbid, but that he conceives the West is unable to find the appropriate apparatus to solve the problem. Criticizing engagement of Iran to end the crisis, he states:

Those who favour ‘engagement’ of Iran’s Ayatollahs, sometimes described as appeasement, have taken this opportunity to call for ‘dialogue’ with Tehran as a means of resolving the various crises in the Middle East, including in Iraq.

Lord Corbett then suggests that the West must abandon the appeasement policy and exploit a force, beyond that of the US or Britain!, that the Iranian regime most fear:

Instead, as part of the present policy review, the West must ask itself what it is that the brutal oppressors of the Iranian people most fear. It is certainly not the US or Britain. What they fear is democracy and those that can bring it about – the 95 per cent of Iranians who despise this regime and the Iranian resistance, National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Thus, the problem is resolved. Mojahedin are a means of resolving the crises in the Middle East and as he states: “This is where the solution to the present crises in the Middle East rests”.

But what has barred such a potential force to solve so complicated a problem and to bring about peace and tranquility for the people of the Middle East? The blame is again on the US and those Western countries that have proscribed potential Mojahedin a terrorist group. By “removal of the unjust terror label from the PMOI.”, Lord Corbett believes the West can pave the way and take the first step towards building a stabilized Middle East.

“Should the West have the courage and the will to follow this course, we will soon see a very different Middle East”.

Once, on the pretext of war against terrorism, the US and the Western countries invaded Afghanistan and Iraq causing a destabilized region. Now comes another westerner who suggests utilizing a terrorist group to restore the equilibrium. I also congratulate Lord Corbett for proposing so lofty a suggestion; putting forth the terrorists that act as antidote to anarchy.

Sattar Orangi, November 21, 2006

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