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Khodabande open letter to Lord Corbett

Dear Lord Corbett,

With the greatest respect, I refer to my previous letter dated February 28, 2007 and many questions which were forwarded to you relating your interview with the BBC that remained unanswered. I was expecting you to clarify at least some of the queries I mentioned in my letter in your next interview.

Nevertheless, now I wish to refer to your recent interview with the Sky News television which was reflected in the website of the Mojahedin-é Khalq Organisation (MKO) called “hambastegimeli”. In this interview you called upon the west to move the obstacles on the way of the MKO who wants to topple the Iranian regime and you demanded the UK to adopt tougher stances against the Islamic Republic of Iran. You have also repeated your previous comments that enlisting the MKO as a proscribed terrorist group was done for political purposes due to appease the Islamic State.

 Initially I should emphasze that your comments in your interviews are the replicate of those of Mas’ud and Maryam Rajavi which are constantly repeated in their statements. You also – exactly like them – do not go into details and leave many unanswered questions behind. I do not object you to repeat the leaders of MKO as long as you are prepared to explain quarries.

 First of all I wish to know in details that how MKO was stopped to restore peace and freedom in Iran by simply being listed as a terrorist group? What political limitations are they experiencing in the western countries at this very moment? Do you expect the western security services to leave a destructive cult completely unwatched in their countries particularly after the terrorist incident of 11th of September? The MKO today is enjoying satellite broadcasting towards Iran from London; their weekly publication “Mojahed” is published in London and distributed round the world; they have access to parliamentarians and do get supportive press coverage; they have an open hand to raze money in the western countries and guide their activities inside Iran from Paris and other western capitals; they have no limitation on holding demonstrations, press conferences, and public meetings as well as travelling round the world and openly meeting people and they spend huge sums of money on this and have access to excessive funds. So I would be grateful if you could mention some facts relating to the limitations the MKO is enduring in the west to restore peace and democracy in Iran which has come from the direct result of being listed as a terrorist group.

 Secondly I would like to ask you that how come the organisation was listed in one instance for political reasons but now its name would not be removed from the list for similar political reasons. I do not believe that the deal – according to you – which was once held between the west and the Islamic Republic of Iran, still applies. On the contrary the relationship between the two sides has deteriorated day by day. I really want to know that what the entire American and European countries, particularly the US and the UK, are gaining politically by keeping the name of the organisation in the various international terrorist lists.

 I am anxiously waiting to get the answers of the two above mentioned questioned either from you or any person who is claiming the same as you do. I also do wish that the name of the organisation be removed from any terrorist list round the world and every supposedly limitations imposed on them be lifted as soon as possible in order to take any excuse from them.

 Yours faithfully,

 Ebrahim Khodabandeh

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