A letter to Lord Fraser

Dear Lord Fraser!

After having met Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the religious leader of the Iranian People´s Mojahedin, a woman that is representing herself as being the elected president of Iran, you are reported in their journal „Mojahed“, No. 803 dating May, 15th 2006, to have said that in your opinion MKO would not be a terrorist organisation and you would be supporting the organisation in their way of bringing the Iranian government to fall.

It is Mrs. Rajavi´s idea to bring down the Iranian government with the help of the Americans, which are to bomb the Iranian country and then give way to the dispatch of ground forces of the National Resistance Army (NRA) from Iraq. This plan is continuously being presented and repeated in the media of the organisation MKO. By means of purposeful propaganda MKO is trying to win supporters for their political goals. For many years Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi have cooperated with the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, making numerous attacks with leaving many innocent people dead. She does not even shrink back from using the organisation´s members for her purpose (i. e. people burning themselves to death). Such an organisation that is being listed for several years as terrorist organisation would scarcely be capable to bring democracy and freedom to Iran and the Iranian people.

Judging from your previous statements, for instance in the journal „Scotsmen“, you have appeared to be declaring yourself against war and violence. We would assume that you are not really willing to support a person like Mrs. Rajavi.

Attached please find a short documentation of MKO´s previous terrorist activities. We would appreciate if you would ask our news service for more information.  Best regards AAWA Association Cologne, May 30th 2006

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