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A letter to Mr. Zvernia!

Dear Mr. Zverina!

During a session of the European Parliament in Strassburg on May, 19th 2006 you are reported to have said: „The National Resistance Council (NRC) of Iran is a solution against the islamic fundamentalism in Iran….” Furthermore, you are said to be of the opinion Mrs Rajavi would be the only hope to Iran. We just cannot understand your motives.

As you should know, the armed combat and terrorist activities of this organisation killed many innocent people in the last twenty years. There is numerous evidence for this. The terrorist attacks hampered the peaceful process for freedom and democracy in Iran. Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi are MKO´s religious leaders with reactionary ideology. Members of MKO are forced to divorce from their present partners or are dictated to marry partners having been selected by the leaders. Parents and children are being separated from each other. Within the organisation, there is no freedom of speech or democracy. For religious reasons, men and women are not allowed to give their hands to each other – it might imply sexual desire.

Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi instruct and form the members to propensity of violence (see persons burning themselves to death in 2003 in Paris). The Iranian people do not support the MKO for having collaborated with Iraq´s former dictator Saddam Hussein. Therefore, MKO pursues its campaign by propaganda in Europe and abroad in order to find their way out of isolation.

We should all wonder, how it would be possible for a woman like Maryam Rajavi to ever bring freedom and democracy to Iran?

Attached please find a short documentation of MKO´s previous terrorist activities. We would appreciate if you would ask our news service for more information.

Best regards

 30 May 2006

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