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Letter of Mr. Keyvan Radbin to the SFF

Mr. Radbin is a former member of the MKO. He managed to leave the Ashraf camp just after the occupation of the country. He lives in Canada now. The letter was originally in English which is as follows: I am Keyvan Radbin. I was born on Sep. 22-1971 in Tehran. I got familiar withblank MKO by their TV and Radio programs. I became their full-time sympathizer from 1999 to 2001 in Tehran and my activities contained social and advertising for the organization. I leaved Iran to Iraq from Turkey for joining to MKO on July 18-2001. I stayed in Turkey for around one month and then after explanation process by the organization’s people in charge, I got moved to Iraq first to Basra port and then to Baghdad. After staying in Baghdad for half day I was moved to Ashraf camp.  I leaved the organization on 2003 after the war with difficulty. I was almost one of the first people who leaved the organization after the war. Actually, the first day that I faced the people in charge in Baghdad, I got that something was wrong with them. I could not understand them well and I got that I had fell into deep trouble because their behavior was completely different from what I had been watching in their media programs and what had been told to me up to that time. But I thought may be after passing sometime everything would be good and I would get matched with the new environment so I took it easy!! But on my entry to the reception area in Ashraf camp I got that everything was getting worse and worse within my thirteen days staying in reception area. I got that they were trying to impose something on me that they had never spoke about! First ideological revolution then divorce (noting that I was single) but they never explained about those subjects frankly and openly. Any time that I used to ask them they answered me that when I go forth I would understand the depth of the subjects more!!! Anyway, I don’t make it too long about the sufferings that had there. In just one sentence I must say that all were like a horrible night-mare that the person who has never been there can’t even imagine. I don’t want to remember them again. In reception area I saw that how they tortured one young person psychologically that his face had been changed to an old person within a couple of months. He suffered there just because he didn’t want to accept their imposed ideas and stay there! (Anyway, I have explained everything in details in my interviews). Then I got moved to reception area (called paziresh) again with fully disappointment of the things that I’d seen there in my previous process in reception area. After less than one month I saw myself in a jungle without any rule, a jungle that everything had a meaning other than human being. Then I remembered the old movies about slavery. In one month of the stress I had bad back pain that I still have it. Then I faced with daily operation (called amaliyate jari) or daily self criticism. It was like the ancient Roma rules that governors put the innocents through the lions to get ripped off by the wild animals. Then I faced with weekly cleaning off (called ghosle haftegi) and many other inhumanity things. I started to criticize the organization for their lies and bad behaviors. But each time I was confronted with rough suppressions that I had never seen even by the Iranian regime. Then I remembered one of my friend’s words that told me before joining the organization that they are the worst dictators! I got everything, yes he was right. I requested a few times to leave the organization but each time I faced with psychological and physical pressures which made me to stay there. Eventually they told me that there is no other world outside Ashraf camp and I had to spend the rest of my life there. They took me to their courts many times. I got beaten up a few times by Hassan Norali and Ali Osat the people in charge. I was threatened by Fahimeh Arvani, Fereshteh Shojayi, Ahmad Ebrahim, Abdi, Nader Rafiyi and others many times that if I stay against them they would send me to Abu Ghraib prison. I spent some times in the organization’s intelligence service jails in Ashraf camp a few times. They got few false confessions from me by keeping me under severe pressure. I was always under the vision and control of the people in charge there. I didn’t have any freedom even for going to bathroom and so on. A few times I tried to kill myself but some power didn’t let me do so. I tried to escape from there but it was impossible because I saw few people that tried to escape had been arrested by Saddam’s forces and had been tortured badly. Within the war we moved to Jalula in the north. Since I knew their lies they tried to kill me and they shouted at my head but I was lucky that I had a helmet on my head and God helped me the bullet after hitting to my helmet crooked and didn’t went deep. When we returned to the Iraqi army base (called feylagh in Arabic) they put me on trial by Ahamad Hanifnejad, Vahid Batebi and Saeed Jamali. They blamed me that I am a spy and I work for Iranian regime! Again they tried to put me in trouble but again God like always was with me and they couldn’t do anything. Anyway when we returned to Ashraf camp again I requested once more that I wanted to leave and eventually because of the presence of the US army this time they couldn’t imprison me. Then they put me in the exit area (called khoruji) and even there they also tried to put me in trouble. But when the US army officers came there other defectors and I explained everything to them. They moved us to first TIF and then to TIPF and I spent two years in TIPF and then I moved to Turkey and after two and half years staying in Turkey I came to Canada. In six months of staying in Canada so far I have been able to study and get my Diploma in International business management and I still study to get my second degree as an automotive service technician. So Rajavi tried to teach me how to do suicide bombing but he never succeeded in doing so. I showed him that he is very weak and stupid and his impression of a human being is false. When I was in Ashraf camp I made friendship with Soheyl Khattar (Sasha). He also had same problems as mine and he also had been tortured. He tried to escape but eventually he was killed by his person in charge (called mas’ul) when he was in the Iraqi base (feylaq). Actually the doctor who was called Hassan Aref told me that because he was witness there when Sasha`s dead body was brought to the clinic. I have tons of bitter experiences while I was in Ashraf camp that I have mentioned some of them in my interviews. I will explain them all again with details anywhere and anytime needed. Once getting into MKO you never could see any exit. It was just a one-way road without return. There I saw the frighten tunnel. I must add, all the human rights activists in all over the world must be aware that there is somewhere in Iraq which is called Ashraf camp that in this so called modern world there are innocents who live there like slaves and still are being tortured physically and physiologically that leaders of the cults do. They are the worst dictators that the world has ever seen, even worse than Stalin and Mao;”blue kite”movie is a simple example of imprisoned people in Ashraf camp. By the way, we shouldn’t forget that the defectors who have been displaced to the north of Iraq in Kirkuk have been tortured and their rights for living have been trampled by MKO for many years. Regarding the fact that their refugee status have been recognized by the UNHCR, but they are still displaced and they are still living in bad situation and also get threaten by the MKO. All the world and free countries should help these defectors to be moved to some safe place for living like millions of free people around the world and make their lives. It’s enough to have people abused by MKO.

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