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The MKO remain on the consolidated list of Australia

The Australian Government updated its consolidated list on December 15th. The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) is again in the list.

The consolidated list of Australia is a list of all persons and entities who are subject to targeted financial sanctions or travel bans under Australian sanctions laws.

The list includes the MKO and its affiliates such as National Liberation Army (NLA) and National Council of Resistance (NCR). The list won’t be reviewed until 2016.


The MKO was on the list of the proscribed terrorist groups of the US and the EU but its multi–million dollar lobbying campaign succeed to delist the group.

As the Australian government took this proper action to maintain the MKO on its consolidated list, it is expected that other Western states follow the same pattern.

The presence of the cut-like MKO  – with its violent background – in the West makes western citizens concerned over its cult-like attitudes such as self- immolations the group members committed in European Capitals following the arrest of their leader Maryam Rajavi by the French Police in June 2003.

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