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Open letter to the Australian minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Department of Foreign Affairs Trade

R G Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent, Barton ACT 0221 Australia

Dear Minister,

On November the 25th the listing of the Iranian “Mojahedin-e Khalq” organization (MKO/MEK), aka “People´s Mojahedin Organization of Iran” (PMOI) with its political wing, the “National Council of Resistance of Iran” (NCRI) and its military wing, the “National Liberation Army” (NLA) on the Consolidated List has to be extended.

Since years, the MKO tries to appear as a democratic exile-opposition, calling themselves “the Iranian resistance”. They spent a lot of money to acquire support from international former political and military officials and launched a huge public-relations-campaign to present themselves as the “only alternative to the Iranian regime”.

But we as MKO-dropouts, critics and relatives of MKO-members daily suffering the ideology and practices of this Cult know better:

Behind the wall, the MKO is a cultish organization with no support among the most Iranians (exiles as well as those living in Iran). The majority of the Iranians despise the MKO for their alliance with Saddam Hussein in the 80s and for their position against the nuclear program (by most of the Iranian population the program is seen as a legitimate right). At least there is the occult and even messianic image, which has been arranged to Maryam Rajavi “President-elect” and “Sun of the Revolution” and the cultish structure of the organization, which raises questions of democracy within the organization itself because Maryam Rajavi remainedthe President of the organization since her “election” in 1993 without any sign of political pluralism.

Daniel Benjamin, the former U.S. State Department’s counterterror coordinator, told the FP-Website 2015: “Being delisted as a Foreign Terrorist Organization — a decision I took part in — doesn’t mean that this group … has suddenly … become trustworthy or worthy of engagement.”[2], beat up critical demonstrators in Saint-Michel in 2012[4].

As well as in physical violence, the MKO is well trained in psychological warfare:

They strictly separate their Members form families and friends. The members do not have any contact to their relatives. Former members and critics are denounced as “agents of the Iranian intelligence” in general. The MKO fights to silence every critical voice. Therefore they already crashed several homepages from former members and critics with cyber-attacks.

But the MKO members also do not flinch from using violence against themselves:

A lot of MKO-members took part in a large number of hunger strikes in the last years (also in Australia) and so revealed servile obedience to their leader, Maryam Rajavi. You may not forget the self-illumination-protest by MKO-members after the French police raid the MKO headquarter in Paris in 2003.

The terrorist history of the MKO, which was reported to the Australian Parliament in brief by Nigel Brew in 2012[6]

In the last years the MKO tried everything to play a role in the Middle East:

First they were fighting to stay in Camp Ashraf at all costs. But when they had to accept that this fight is not to win, they changed their focus to bring the members to Albania and find some allies in the Region. So Maryam Rajavi met with members of the Syrian Revolution, she swarms over the Saudis and lately she met with Palestine President Abbas. So it is no surprise, when several dropouts, escaping from Camp Liberty, tell the MKO has even close ties to ISIS ensuring the MKO can stay in the region.

We as MKO-dropouts, critics and relatives of MKO-members suffering this Cult, urge you to carefully consider the upcoming decision to extend the MKO-listing, or not.

Yours sincerely,

Cologne, August the 31th 2016

1 Hassan Abbaskhani

2 Jahangir Abbassi

3 Amir-Hooshang Abdi

4 Assdollah Abdi-Nematabadi

5 Sorayya Abdollahi

6 Marhemat Abolfathi

7 Heidar Abolhassani

8 Alireza Abooli

9 Amirhossein Abrishamkar

10 Esmael Aghapoor

11 Roya Ahmadbeigi

12 Sajedeh Ahmadi

13 Mohammad Ahmadi

14 Baba Ali Ahmadi

15 Batool Ahmadkhani

16 Mahnaz Akafian

17 Behrooz Akbari Motlagh

18 Reza Akbari Nassab

19 Ali Akrami

20 seyyed Saeed alavian

21 Rostam Alboogheibish

22 Jalil Alboogheibish

23 Behzad Alishahi

24 Asghar Alizadegan

25 Gholamali Allafpoor

26 Ali Amani

27 Zommorod Amini

28 Samad Amiri-Param

29 Bagher Amiri-Param

30 Haj Abdolhamid Anssari

31 Hamid Arab-Dargi

32 Zahra Arab-Dargi

33 Behzad Arab-Dargi

34 Ali Arab-Dargi

35 Amir-Hossein Arab-Dargi

36 Mohammad Araghi

37 Gholamreza Araki

38 Fatemeh Arbabi

39 Hadi Arbabi

40 Eskandar Arjomandi

41 Arman Armani

42 Milad Aryaei

43 Mehdad Ashena

44 Zahra Ashraei

45 Mohammad-Javad Assadi

46 Siavosh assadi

47 Abbas Assadi

48 Mastaneh Assadzadeh

49 Behrooz Assadzadeh

50 Abdolreza Asskereh

51 Mohammad Atabai

52 Siavosh Atighi

53 Maasoomeh Attarian

54 Issa Azadeh

55 Hedieh Azadi

56 Adel Azimi

57 Hassan Azizi

58 Ahmad-Reza Azizi

59 Shahin Baba Ahmadi

60 Fariborz Baba Ahmadi Karimi

61 Mohammad-Reza Bagheban-bashi

62 Hamdamali Bahmani

63 Davood Bakhtiari

64 Reza Bamadi

65 Nader Banifarhan

66 Fahim Bavi

67 sekran Bavi

68 Hossein Bazzazian

69 Rabee Behbahani

70 Raheleh Behbahani

71 Khanom Behbahani

72 Narges Beheshti

73 Mohahmmad

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