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Open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Albania ‎Fatmir Xhafaj

Zahra Moeini

Honorable Mr. ‎Fatmir Xhafaj I , Zahra MOEINI, Iranian – German who had been a captive in Rajavi cult for many years and during those years of captivity , i had been deprived of getting in touch with my family and friends because this cult did not allow me to get in touch with them . I lost my health in that cult . The leaders of this cult had lied to us frequently . Mrs. Homa BASHARDOOST ,one of the members of this cult , who wanted to return to Iran to live with her children , was killed in a fake fire in that cult . Mrs. Roya who was a Iranian kordish woman, got disappeared after she told to Massoud Rajavi in a cult gathering that nobody is waiting for you in Iran .


I was witness of those events which I mentioned above . The leaders of this cult forced us to separate from our spouses and the couples who stood up against that , got disappeared .The leaders of this cult separated the couples from their children. They were sent to Iran , Europe, and United States . Some of those children got raped , some got disappeared , some who were brother and sister got separated from each other and were sent to different countries.

In 1992, I was a member of Maryam Rajavi’s security team and with 450 members of this cult ,came to France from Iraq . After coming to France , the operatives of this cult sent me to Germany to work for them in there . I was wounded badly in Iraq in one of the cult operations and the operatives of this cult did not pay attention to my injury and instead they forced me to work and collect money from German people . In 1994 , i found out about their lies ,frauds,and thefts so i decided to escape from them , because if i wanted to say to them that i want to separate , i was going to be disappeared or killed like others who got disappeared or killed before me. I escaped and I went to the German-police and i informed them about this notorious cult in details and because of that Massoud Rajavi got mad and he announced my death-sentence .

Mr Mostafa Mohammady and his wife Mrs Mahbobeh Hamzeh who are both Canadian-citizens have been in Albania to visit and rescue their beloved daughter ,Somayeh Mohammady , since two months ago . They went to Iraq from Canada to visit and rescue their daughter while this cult was in Iraq , but they were attacked and beaten up by the cult operatives . Mr Mohammady the father of Somayeh Mohammady, had been attacked and beaten up by the cult operatives in Auvers Sur Oise (the headquarter of this notorious cult) in outskirt of Paris as well.

Mr. ‎Fatmir Xhafaj ,

The letter sent to you by Miss Somayeh Mohammady , is not her words but the operatives of this cult had written that letter under her name and sent it to you . There has been a new wave of reports in Albanian-Media in support of Mr Mohammady’s family , this shows the real essence and content of this terrorist cult to the Albanian people and politicians , and the operatives of this cult in Albania are trying their best to neutralize Mr and Mrs Mohammady’s efforts to visit and rescue their daughter. In 2 September 2018 , when Rajavi cult and its operatives found out about the Albania public supports and Albania media support towards Mohammady family for the release and rescue of their beloved daughter , they brought her with another person to a tv-program with pre- prepared english writeen statement .

If Somayeh Mohammady is a free person in Rajavi cult and she has chosen freely to stay and work in that cult by her own will ,why are Mrs Maryam Rajavi and her cult operatives not willing to allow Somayeh Mohammady to visit her parents and talk with reporters and media without the presence of the cult operatives to say whatever her will is face to face to her parents and to the media as well?? The Rajavi cult is terrified if Somayeh Mohammady visits her parents freely and talk to them face to face without the presence of cult operatives, she will be impressed by her family and she will decide to separate from Rajavi cult forever and this separation will cause the separation of others in that notorious-terrorist cult so the cult operatives do not want this happens and lose control .

Mr. ‎Fatmir Xhafaj,

I asked Mrs Maryam Rajavi to have a TV-debate with us as her critics even in her own TV-station but so far our request has been ignored . I am ready and willing to share my experiences about this cult with you and with your media in Albania whenever and wherever you want


Zahra Moeini, Zanan Iran (Women’s Association), Germany,

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