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Dirty deals between the MKO, Saudis and their lobbyists in the US

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and many events have been planned to honor the victims who lost their lives. However, you may be shocked to hear that there are still people who celebrate the violent act of terrorist extremists of Al-Qaida.

These people include the Mujahedin Khalq Organization ( the MKO/ the Cult of Rajavi) whose disappeared leader ;Massoud Rajavi gathered the rank and file in Baqerzadeh Camp and congratulated members on the occasion of the collapse of imperialists’ twin towers, offering candies. He said,” this was reactionary Islam, let’s see what revolutionary Islam will do.” (He refers to his group’s ideology as revolutionary Islam)

Surprising is the recent allegations made by one of the American sponsors of the MKO, former senator “Joe Lieberman” in his piece on the Wall Street Journal in which he has tried to link Iran to 9/11!

Lieberman is a famous pro-war figure against Iran. He was the one who called on bombing Iran in a 2010 speech to the Council of Foreign Relations. Lieberman who is a paid speaker for the MKO, addressed the group’s events promising them he will “be working closely” with them for a change of regime in Iran.”

Not only the support for the cult of Rajavi as a “resistance” or “opposition” group indicates the ignorance of the group supporters, but also it demonstrates the complexity and filthiness of the political deals that the MKO and its supporters are involved in.

The Iranian American Progress Action Center ( IAPAC) has posted a photo of Maryam Rajavi and his American friends such as Joseph Lieberman and Rudolph Juliani former mayor of New York.

IAPAC’s comment under the photo is revealing. The page explains how Lieberman is selling the American’s security to the Israel-Saudi-MKO alliance:

“There was a commission dedicated to fact finding about 9/11, so far all we know is they didn’t release the parts associated with Saudis and  does not point a finger to Iran as a co-conspirator.”

The page believes that Lieberman’s new allegations “seems to have appeared out of thin air to help Lieberman install his radical Islamic friends.”

However, IAPAC fails to note that the MKO celebrated the 9/11 disastrous event in 2001. It does not notify that Massoud Rajavi has promised his followers to accomplish what AL-Qaida didn’t succeed to do.

The page is right to warn about the dirty relations of warmongers. “Clearly Lieberman and his Saudi owners and Bibi ( Benjamin Netantahu) are creating a pre-text for a war with Iran,” IAPAC commented.” We should not allow American blood and treasure to be wasted on another unnecessary war to make Netanyahu and Saudis realize their dreams.”

The truth is that 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia who were honored by the MKO at that time. Leiberman and other anti-Iran Hawks should be prudent enough to at least know what the MEK is , otherwise they can continue their hypocrisy.

Mazda Parsi,

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