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Nasty deals with MKO terrorists

What makes a terrorist who has assassinated your country fellow men a dear trustworthy friend?

The beginning paragraph of the extensively published article of Jon Gombrell of the Associated Press indicates how controversial is the affairs between the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) and the United States: “An official in U.S. President Donald Trump’s cupboard and no less than considered one of his advisers gave paid speeches for an Iranian exile group that killed Individuals earlier than the 1979 Islamic Revolution, ran donation scams and noticed its members set themselves on fireplace over the arrest of their chief.”[1]

This short statement of the article is enough to learn that the MKO is a cult-like group with deceptive methods of fund raising and brainwashed members who set themselves on fire to protest against the arrest of their She-guru; it has assassinated some US citizens while it is donating large amounts of money to some other US citizens!

A few cases of the MKO’s paid sponsors are discussed in Gambrell’s report while the MKO’s pay roll is full of bipartisan US politicians who intentionally or unintentionally ignore the true nature of the MKO as a destructive terrorist cult. The group has the blood of the Iranian people, Iraqi people, US military personnel and civilians on its hands. The group has also been involved in massacring it own members who disassociated themselves  and did not go along with the attitudes and approaches of the Cult during different periods.  

Donald Trump’s aggressive policies against Muslim countries, particularly Iran, is warmly welcome by the MKO. The group’s propaganda machine is evidently pleased to see the perspective of further sanctions the US might impose on Iranian people. But, Are the Iranian people deserved to be treated like this? Are they deserved to be banned from entering the US?

Michael Jansen of the Jordan Times writes about Trumps’ hostile acts against Iranians, “Trump needlessly and heedlessly included Iran in the group of seven Muslim countries when imposing his hasty, poorly prepared and ill-conceived ban on US entry on citizens from these countries holding visas.” [2]

“Although federal judges issued restraining orders, temporarily rescinding Trump’s ban, Iranians are upset and confused by this measure, as it is meant to apply to citizens of countries involved in “terrorist” incidents in the US.,” She adds. “There have, in fact, been no attacks by Iranians on US citizens in the US and only one in Iran itself.” [3]

And then, she ironically points to nasty deals that are based on hypocrisy.  “This took place in 1975, when two air force officers were killed en route to an air base,” She reminds the audience. “This was before the 1979 overthrow of Washington’s ally, the shah, by the Islamic Revolution.” [4]

She explains that the American terror victims of the MKO were serious to pursue the case of their murdered loved one. “The family of Lt. Col. Jack Turner, one of the victims, filed a lawsuit, arguing his death was in revenge for the killing by the shah’s intelligence agency, Savak, which was supported by the US and Israel, of nine anti-shah elements fleeing arrest,” Jansen repeats what Gambrell had ended his article with. [5]

“The commander and members of this group [anti-shah elements], the Mujahedin e-Khalq, were executed in 1976,” Jansen links the MKO terrorist background to their today’s paid sponsors. “It does not make sense that the Turner family is suing Savak, which is long gone, or the Mujahedin, an enemy of the current Iranian regime and the friend of some senior members of the Trump administration.” [6]

By Mazda Parsi


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