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Behind the deceptive face of Maryam Rajavi’s Women’s Day meeting in Berlin

In the space of a few days we have two outstanding examples of how the Mojahedin Khalq uses lies and deception to artificially position itself as a player in the Iranian political scene.

Firstly we have the debacle of the MEK’s so-called nuclear revelations designed to scupper the nuclear talks. The MEK are paid by the anti-Iran cohort of Zionists, neoconservatives and pro-war pundits to annoy Iran. Their task was simple: exploit the MEK’s specious reputation for previous ‘discoveries’ of Iranian clandestine nuclear activity to manufacture another revelation which would impact on the negotiations. Unfortunately for the MEK’s sponsors the group was so intent on making the messenger centre of attention and the focus of publicity, that they completely forgot that the message itself actually needed to appear credible enough for the IAEA to take notice.

The MEK’s claim was readily exposed as pure fabrication by a journalist’s simple Google image search which revealed the door to a supposed nuclear bunker was taken from an advertising brochure for a safe manufacturing company in Iran. Perhaps the MEK thought that the IAEA would not notice that the design of a safe door differs fundamentally from that of a blast proof bunker door. As a result, the MEK was widely ridiculed and the talks continued without a hiccup. If nothing else, the incident exposes how insignificant the role of the MEK is the Iran nuclear dossier. The group really is a messenger, a mere tool.

The MEK’s whole existence relies solely on the image it is able to present in order to influence public opinion. But a closer examination of the second example of duplicitous MEK image manufacture reveals a more sinister and indeed dangerous element to the group’s devious behaviour. The example concerns an MEK planned meeting on March 7th in Berlin to mark International Women’s Day (March 8). The event has been advertised on a site with no contact details as being organised by a ‘Confederation of Iranian Societies in Germany’.


Neither of the two biggest Iranian societies in Germany




have any knowledge of this site for the simple reason that it consists entirely of MEK supporters.

What is widely known of course is that the only support the MEK has among Iranians whether inside or outside Iran is that which has been paid for or which is provided by indoctrinated followers who are subjected to cultic brainwashing techniques. This is why both speakers and audience extras at its rallies and meetings must be paid.

It is also well known that the reason for holding these gatherings is simply to ‘showcase’ Maryam Rajavi as the sole figurehead of the whole Iranian opposition; the speakers’ panels never include other Iranians because Maryam Rajavi sees them as rivals.

Interestingly, although it would be expected that an Iranian opposition group would want to attract an Iranian audience, the event has not been announced in the MEK’s Farsi websites. Instead a concerted effort is being made to silence MEK critics and prevent them exposing the lies and deception behind everything the MEK does. The MEK sites spew out verbal attacks couched in vile and threatening language. Truly, there is nothing sophisticated in the MEK’s incitement to hatred and its incitement to murder. It is a strange kind of character assassination which actually harms your image more than that of your target!

The cult leader is, of course, highly praised. However, nowhere is it announced that Maryam Rajavi will be the central figure in the Berlin event. This deliberate omission allows the MEK to dupe unsuspecting members of parliament into agreeing to speak on a popular theme in the West – criticism of the Islamic Republic of Iran – without knowing they will be co-opted into supporting the MEK when they do.

Behind all the smoke and mirrors of the MEK’s image-conjuring tricks, it is surely instructive to examine how the MEK manages its public relations campaigns. If nothing else it exposes the complacency of Western governments toward the activities of a terrorist group in their countries.

Every year the MEK uses International Women’s Day as an opportunity to promote an image of Maryam Rajavi as a feminist. As an indication of how important this is, huge sums of money are allocated to this show. Some weeks before the event the MEK announces a “bassij” that is, an all-out effort, in order to find speakers and an audience. As in any campaign the various tasks are divided between trusted members of the MEK. They have at their disposal teams of unpaid rank and file (slaves) and paid supporters. The task of finding speakers follows a typical MEK cultic recruitment and indoctrination process.

First an information source is established using bogus Associations and Societies, each with a website (without any contact details or identifiable owner). ‘Fishing’ sites are also established to authenticate the identity of the recruiters.

With this artificial ‘Confederation’ in place, the MEK then uses its lobbyists in various parliament – in this case the Bundestag and the European Parliament – to persuade other members to join them in supporting it. Once MPs show an interest (whether the financial incentives or the chance for publicity), they are offered expenses and ‘love bombed’ by the Iranian troupe which is tasked to take care of them and provide for their needs. This can be a quite intense experience; possibly a daily visit in which a trained MEK member poses as an intern and talks to convince the MP of the need for a particular stance toward Iran. The ‘evidence’ of course has been put in place with various websites and ‘victims’ of abuses ready with their emotive stories. The involvement of other MPs (the MEK’s paid lobbyists) in the cause is a strong incentive and assurance.

As long as the MEK can prevent the target from accessing information from other sources – which would inevitably expose the MEK’s lies – they can be persuaded to speak. Once the target has taken the bait and has been convinced to join the meeting, the recruiters will carefully introduce Maryam Rajavi in saintly terms as the saviour of all Iranian women, a promotor of democracy and a defender of human rights.

For anyone with any knowledge at all about Iran and the MEK, especially those MPs who have served over several parliaments, these persuasive cult techniques have little currency. Instead the MEK targets newly elected MPs, and in the European Parliament especially, the MPs from Eastern Europe where the MEK is not much known.

A significant factor in this year’s recruitment campaign is the involvement of Mohammad Mohsiri. Moshiri’s German website Veranstaltung: “Für Toleranz & Gleichstellung” (‘Meeting: for Tolerance and Equality’) is written in English. This a ‘fishing’ site to attract potential MP recruits in the Bundestag and European Parliament. Moshiri is used as the decoy to hide the fact that this is the MEK’s meeting. He claims to be a poet, although his Farsi writing reveals he is only semi-literate.


In fact, page 13 of this FBI Report reveals that Mohammad Moshiri is known to the FBI for something quite different to poetry:


Mohammad Razaghi, a former member of the MEK remembers Moshiri from the time of Saddam Hussein as the go-between for the MEK’s Iraqi and European bases. He was instrumental in the fraudulent use of MEK children in Europe to collect social security payments. In Iraq, Moshiri worked under Nader Rafiee Nejad in the interrogation of dissident members before they were sent to Abu Ghraib political prison. He would regularly visit the prison for follow up interrogations in order to break the prisoners’ resistance. MEK prisoners knew him well for savagery. He was the Persian speaking interrogator for Mokhaberat in this prison. He is also famous inside the MEK because Rajavi once praised him in a meeting as being instrumental in collecting information files for over 50 thousand Iranians living in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and France.

Considering this past there should be no doubt that the man behind the German website is involved in deceptively finding and clandestinely paying personalities (women if possible and from the newer members of the EU) to attend the MEK’s meeting in Berlin on March 7 where Maryam Rajavi will be the surprise guest.

Similar MEK scams operate in Jordan to recruit Arab women speakers from Iraq if possible or elsewhere if not. The MEK will first find their target using these bogus websites and then find their weaknesses (perhaps money problems or personal issues) and then blackmail them into compliance with MEK demands – in this case attending a meeting.

Moshiri is an expert in this task. He has been trained by Iraqi security and is known to the intelligence services of France, Britain and the US.

So, it should be of deep concern that Moshiri has posted photographs of himself next to Angela Merkel on his site. The MEK has worked to create a forced photo opportunity in order for Moshiri to present an image of himself as a person who has access to and meets with political leaders. What security services should be asking is how could a known member of a terrorist group get within such close proximity to the German Chancellor that he could have easily stepped forward and killed her?

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