Mr. Otto Bernhardet; Do you know who Maryam Rajavi is?

Open letter of Iranian Women’s Association to Mr. Otto Bernhardet: Do you know who Maryam Rajavi is?

Mr. Otto Bernhardet , according to the Rajavi cult’s site , today you welcomed Maryam Rajavi

do you know that she is the representative of someone who is responsible for numerous killings and exploitation of human beings specially the women inside her cult and we are the witnesses of those events

as a result of her command systematically numerous women forced to go under the women surgical operation and became sterile so they can be ready ideologically for getting married to Massoud Rajavi who is the leader of this notorious cult without any chance of giving birth to a child, so these ladies can give their body completely to the leader of this cult without any fear of giving birth to a child

may be the understanding of this article is very heavy on your mind , but we , the members of women association and some other women who have preferred not to reveal their identity , are ready to explain it to you and participate in any court of law or any conference as wellwe know many women such as Mrs . Mehri Mousavi, Zahra Feyzbakhsh, and Mino Fatali who lost their life just because they did not obey those ideological and cultic commands so they had been killed in this organization under supervision of this lady , Maryam Rajavi

do you know know that numerous people had lost their life by their bombs just because the leaders of this organization wanted to succeed in their objectives? the same killings and crime that the ISIS terrorists are doing in Syria and iraq right now

Maryam Rajavi does not accept any criticism and those who criticize her or decide to separate her organization are going to be labeled harshly as the members of the Iranian intelligence service by making fake cases and files against them

the hidden husband of Maryam Rajavi , Massoud Rajavi, has ordered that all those members of this organization to stay in Iraq till they die. the leaders of this organization do not allow the family of those stranded members in Iraq to meet their loved ones and there is no way to get in touch with their loved ones whatsoever .this lady who has come to Germany to gain some lobby for her organization, in stead of rescuing those members from Iraq , is trying her best to keep those stranded and stuck members in Iraq and they have mentioned many times in their statements and massages that they will stay in Iraq till they die and the leaders of this cult unjustly mention it on behalf of those stranded and stuck members who have been kept almost a quarter of century in Ashraf and Liberty garrison under severe inquisition and without any connection with their family and friends and the outside world whatsoever

the UNAMI’s report about the breach and violation of human rights in this organization in English language is included and attached in this article for you as well . now that you want to make a speech for them tomorrow , please ask Mrs. . Maryam Rajavi that where is your husband the leader of this cult and why is he hidden and why has he put you in such position while he is hidden? and why has he ordered the killing of his critics ? if they have a good support from Iranian people as they claim , why have they ordered the killing of the critics ? we suggest you to pay attention to political misuses and abuses of this organization under supervision of Maryam Rajavi

with best regards, the women association in Germany



UNAMI,s report

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