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Women’s rights according to Maryam Rajavi

Since 1985 when the so-called" Ideological Revolution" was run by the leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO), the group was officially turned into a cult. It was an absolute deviation from a Women's rights according to Maryam Rajavipolitical violent opposition group to a terrorist cult of personality in which the members were forced to divorce their spouses and to dedicate their whole mind and heart to the group guru, Massoud Rajavi. He—who is currently disappeared— launched its abusive mind control system to indoctrinate members and maintain them in the cult.

Abusive attitude of the leaders of the Cult of Rajavi has had different dimensions; the most crucial one seems to be endured by female members of the cult. Although the self-claimed president of the MKO’s propaganda arm, Maryam Rajavi chants the slogan of “Revolutionary, Progressive, Moslem Women” among her Western brainwashed and/or paid audience, women who have recently left the MKO are free and courageous enough to reveal the real situation for women inside the cult.

Women’s rights abuses committed in the Cult of Rajavi  included forced labour, sleep deprivation, mandatory celibacy and particularly sexual abuse. The former was not actually committed by use of violence but the mechanism that made female members to endure such a treatment is really important.

In 2012 a number of defected women of the MKO spoke out about the sexual abuses they suffered in the MEK. They described how Massoud Rajavi, deceived them into sleeping with him after attending a ceremony called "Salvation Dance" in which the token women had to dace naked in front of him—Maryam Rajavi has actually been the real organizer of that cult jargon, she tried to convince the elite women who were selected to marry Massoud to do what she called "uniting with the ideological leader".

Former members of the MKO also exposed a program of coerced hysterectomies for all women members in order to "neutralize their sexuality". This way the cult leaders tried to cut the last links that might have tied the female members to the outside world.

The coercive sexual relationship in the MKO may not seem to be a forced jargon but when the female members get departed from the cult structure the whole story turned out to be a rape. Until the cult member is mentally and physically imprisoned by the leaders every order by the cult leader may sound normal and sometimes necessary but as soon as they find the least opportunity to break through light and normal life, they will find out the agonies and abuses they have suffered.

Fortunately, until now there have been a few female defectors who have started denouncing the extreme violation of women rights in the MKO. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of women taken as hostages in the Cult of Rajavi. Let’s hope the best for those captured ones even though Maryam Rajavi could be able to deceive a few number of woman’s rights advocates in the world.

Mazda Parsi

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