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Saudi Arabia and Israel use MKO to destabilize Iraq

Saudi Arabia and Israel use MKO to destabilize Iraq, said a member of Iraq Sadeqoun fraction.

According to Fars News Agency Bushra Nawaf al-Rimahi Member of the Sadeqoun faction who is also Iraq’s Parliamentry candidate said :”Saudi Arabia and Israel use Mujahedin Khalq Organization to threat Iraq security and destabilize the country.

In an interview with Ashraf News agency Al-Rimahi Declared:” the MKO is the Israeli base in Iraq and presence of the group’s elements in Iraq is not in accordance with the political interests of the country rather some foreign countries use it to hinder the political progress of the country.

The Iraqi Parliamentry candidate said: Mujahedin Khalq are actively crisis mongering and making sedition among different political parties in collusion with Musad officers.

Al-Rumahi reiterated: the group’s presence in Iraqi soil is not in accordance with the countries’ interests especially because the group allied with Saddam regime and killed Iraqi people . There are evidences of their cooperation with Saudi Arabia as well as Zionist Regime . With regard to the group’s continuous interference in Iraq’s internal affairs their presence in the country is illegal and the group members are not eligible to legally entitle to the refugee Status.

Member of Iraq’s Sadeqoun faction said the group enjoys the support of some Iraqi politicians from Iraqia List and the Islamic Party.

Nejat Society reported from Fars News Agency

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