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Open letter of a group of ex-members of MEK to the US Congress

Honorable Members of the US Congress,

With regards, we are the former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, NCRI), who had been members of this cult for between 10 to 30 years, mostly in Iraq.

We are most pleased by and very much welcome the nuclear agreement made between Iran and the P5+1 and consider it an important step towards establishing global peace and security in alliance with the people of Iran’s best interests.

We also fully support the lifting of the sanctions against Iran since we find it in the best interest of Iran and its people.The people of Iran welcomed the agreement and the world was witness to their celebration and satisfaction in the news broadcasts.The people of Iran have suffered enough damage from the 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq.

We have all spent a life time trying to bring freedom, justice and welfare for the people of Iran,to restore human rights and civil rights for our homeland and therefore now we have no wish other than what Iran’s people desire.

We condemn all the efforts made to reject this agreement in Congress by those who are in favor of launching war against the Iranian nation and against the economic interests of the Iranian people and find it contrary to the efforts made to restore global peace which is in the best interests of all nations including those of the US and Iran.

Some fundamentalists and extremists, including the cult leader Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam of the terrorist MEK, see their existence only in war mongering and terrorism. We declare that the people of Iran support this agreement and of course they know best what is to their best interests.

Therefore we, alongside the people of Iran and peace loving organizations and personalities around the world, urge members of the US Congress to support the nuclear agreement with Iran and let all sanctions be lifted and Iran’s wealth be released.

We are certain that your approving vote would not only improve the living standards in Iran but would pave the way for reformists and civil rights activists to struggle for political freedom and human rights in Iran both inside and outside the country.

A group of former members of the MEK:

1.Milad Ariaie

2.Issa Azadeh

3.Abdolkarim Ebrahimi

4.Nasrin Ebrahimi

5.Adel Azami

6.Ehssan Bidi

7.Hamid Reza Bikas

8.Shahrooz Tajbakhsh

9.Edvard Tornado

10.Shirzad Jalili

11.Ali Jahani

12.Parvin Haji

13.Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad

14.Karim Haqqi

15.Mahboobe Hamze (Mohammadi)

16.Yoosef Hamidi

17.Anne khodabandeh

18.Ebrahim khodabandeh

19.Massoud khodabandeh

20.Habib Khorrami

21.Hassan Khalaj

22.Mehdi Khoshhal


24.Ali Akbar Rastgoo

25.Mohammad Razzaqi

26.Siavosh Rastar

27.Mojtaba Rashidi

28.Sadeq Rezaei

29.Majid Roohi

30.Hamid Reza Zaree Sistani

31.Ali Reza Zahedi

32.Mehrdad Sagharchi

33.Mohammad Hossein Sobhani

34.Mahmood Sepahi

35.Mehdi Sojoodi

36.Niloofar Sarfaraz

37.Batool Soltani

38.Hamid Reza Soleimani

39.Rabeah Shahrokhi

40.Ahmad Reza Shafiei

41.Mir Baqer Sedaqi

42.Hamed Sarrafpoor

43.Mohammad Iraqi

44.Hassan Azizi

45.Karim Gholami

46.Ghafoor Fattaheian

47.Ali Ghashgavi

48.Mohammad Karami

49.Homayoon Kehzadi

50.Homeira Mohammad Nejad

51.Ahmad Mohammadi

52.Hooreiyah Mohammadi

53.Mohammad Mohammadi

54.Mortaza Mohammadi

55.Mostafa Mohammadi

56.Zahra Moeini

57.Zahra Mirbaqeri

58.Seid Amir Movassaqi

59.Nader Naderi

60.Mohammad Reza Najjareian

61.Ali Reza Nasrollahi

62.Manssoor Nazari

63.Mehdi Nikbakht

64.Ahmad Hajari

Copy to:

– Office of the President of the United States

– U.S. Department of State

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