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Nejat families letter to Presdient al- Ebadi

Dear Mr. Presdient Heidar Alebadi,

We are a number of families from Ilam Province, Iran. Each family has a loved one taken as a hostage by the Mujahdin Khalq Organization (the cult of Rajavi) for over twenty years. Our beloved children have not been allowed to even make a phone call to contact us. The Cult of Rajavi has kept them behind the bars of the cult against their will.

Your majesty and the international community have witnessed a lot of the MKO’s hostages fleeing Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. They escaped their life and went to Europe where they revealed the true face of the cult.

They write of mental and physical torture they tolerated in the Cult of Rajavi. They tell their stories but the international and human rights bodies keep silent. No one care for our loved ones who have not succeeded to escape the MKO Camps.

We have traveled to Iraq several times, waiting behind the tall walls of Ashraf, suffering the hot weather in the hope of visiting our loved ones for just a moment, even from far distance.

Your cooperation and understanding to aid us meet our loved ones will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,  

Akbar Cheraghi

Iraj Nasiri

Ne’mat Pirani

Yari Kuchaki

Ali Mahdawi

Morad Jalilian

Sattar Kheyri

Jahangir Khademi

Hamid Kheyri

Khalil Faryadras

Yusof Namdari

Ali Asghar Barani

Taher Gholamhosseini

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