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Critics on the US-MKO love affair

While certain US lawmakers are betting on the dead horse of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MOK) in a recent hearing in the US Congress, critics of the paid advocacy for the group disapproved their deed as a shame.

Susan Nevens, the American political affairs analyst find John McCain’s support for the MKO as

“another example of America’s love affair with terrorism and terrorist group”. “These vermin were of course listed as a terrorist group for their alleged attacks on Americans decades ago, but were removed in 2012 following an unprecedented lobbying campaign, practically going from ‘terrorist’ to ‘freedom fighters’ over night, “she posted on her Facebook account.

She ironically denounces Senator Thom Tillis who urges the congress and likes to pressure the administration to speed up the resettlement of the MKO terrorists in the US, stating, “He is of course right America stands behind any terrorist group.”

“Why should the support for these vermin be delayed, and of course the State Department stated that it’s working diligently on the issue, “ Nevens implies the US’s hypocrisy on the issue of terrorism.

She concludes,”So here is another story of the US support for terrorist group, America and the US Congress never stop, IT IS A ROUTINE order of the day.”

Definitely, It seems that for the US warmongers the justification of regime change is enough reason to support terrorists like the MKO. The prominent Journalist Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich asks in her Facebook status,” Is there no end in sight for America’s love of terrorists?! Is there no shame left?”

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