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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 121

++ Many letters and articles talked about the Daesh attack on France, sympathising with all the people of France, but highlighting the MEK’s presence there for the last 34 years. Some spoke to President Hollande directly, pointing out there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ terrorism. One is a statement by former MEK members in France asking their government to ensure that in the wake of these events the MEK is made to state publicly that they will not kill any ex-members or any other people, especially because they have a history of suicide bombing and attacking people in France and Europe. The statement says this is urgent because “we know that suicide bombers arrive when the leaders give up hope of political gains and this is exactly what is happening now with the MEK. We remind everyone that after 34 years the MEK members still haven’t applied for French citizenship and are living on false passports. This clearly shows that they haven’t abandoned their violent and criminal activity.”

++ After the Paris attack the MEK went quiet and even condemning the attacks took some time. This was unusual because the MEK normally jump on anything after only minutes. This time it took days until they decided to turn their backs on Daesh – Rajavi previously they called them ‘revolutionaries’ and ‘brothers’. Suddenly the MEK changed their tune to offer condolences to the French people and hold candles in Notre Dame Cathedral – although significantly they haven’t actually condemned Daesh. The MEK are now flying Le Tricolour in Camp Liberty and Auvers-sur-Oise and wearing flag pins on their jackets. The universal response among Farsi commentators is that this is the epitome of hypocrisy. Massoud Khodabandeh commented on Facebook, “there are two reasons we can look deeper into for this kind of behaviour. One is that Rajavi and the MEK love crowds and cameras for their own publicity, hence the candles. The second is that they are shitting themselves because they think that now France has been hit like this the government will crack down on all terrorist groups and the MEK’s association with Iraq’s Baath Party and Daesh is not an unknown or hidden fact.”

++ The MEK asked all its forces to write in to support of the MEK remaining in Camp Liberty and to swear at former members who demand they be taken to safety elsewhere. The MEK say all the residents are over 18 and can decide for themselves and they choose to stay there in order to struggle against Iran and Iraq and Assad etc. One of the MEK’s writers is Hossein Farshid, who is registered in the UK as Hossein Pooya. In response a couple of articles have been written exposing him and his hypocrisy. They point out that all his life he has stood on the side lines and cheered and applauded for people to get killed. When asked by non-MEK people, his excuse is always that his two daughters have been taken by Rajavi has hostages in Liberty therefore he is doing this so his daughters won’t be harmed. In direct contradiction to the above stance that they are all free to choose for themselves. The articles have exposed Farshid as being in the MEK’s pay as well as much of his previous activities which have been to sit outside Iraq and whitewash the MEK’s massacre.

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers and Anne Khodabandeh in Iran Interlink reminded us that the Mojahedin Khalq is on record in its own media as supporting Daesh. Maryam Rajavi publicly announced her support for ISIS terrorists after they took over Mosul in Iraq praising them and calling the ISIS attack as “the public uprising of Iraqi revolutionary tribes”! This fact is undisputable, it is in the group’s own media archive. Rajavi used a speech given inside the French parliament only a year ago as a platform to support Daesh and condemn President Obama.

++ Nejat Society has published the names of 28 more Camp Liberty residents who have been flown to Albania on November 3rd and November 10th in two groups of 14 each.

“A total number of 172 TTL residents have been relocated in Tirana during the last month. Despite the UNHCR recent update on the situation of Camp Liberty residents which refers the arrangements for the transfer of 200 more Camp residents to Albania, that is 40 individuals a week, the MKO Cult leaders have reduced the number to just 14 people weekly. The UNHCR statement reads: ‘The solutions being delivered by UNHCR are current with more than 260 residents relocated since July 2015. Arrangements are in place to relocate in excess of 200 more people by the end of 2015.’”

++ The Secretary General of Habilian Association, Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, dismissed as wrong the US policy towards MKO which resulted in overstaying their welcome in Iraq. “Referring to the Iranian terror victims who fell victim to the terrorist acts of MKO, Hasheminejad said the damage MKO members have brought to Iraq were twice more than the amount they have brought to Iran. ‘Accordingly, their presence in Iraq shouldn’t have lasted long. If they are now existing in Iraq, that is because of the US’ direct and indirect supports for the terrorist group’, he said.”

++ Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, provides an introduction to an article by the editors at the monthly magazine Rāh, which is the organ of the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Barrett says “Thirty-four years ago – on August 30th, 1981 – a bloodthirsty terrorist group assassinated the most popular President in history. You say you haven’t heard about it? Maybe that’s because it was ‘their’ president … and ‘our terrorists. The MEK terrorists who murdered Iranian President Rajai (and thousands of other Iranians) still enjoy the protection and support of Western authorities. As the West moves to normalize relations with Iran in the wake of the P5+1 nuclear deal, accept the existence and legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, and cooperate against takfiri terrorists including ISIL, maybe it’s time to declare an ‘information war on terrorism.’ It’s long past time to tell the truth about terrorism: Beginning with the undeniable fact that the vast majority of terrorism since World War II has been perpetrated or supported by Western governments.”

++ Fars News: TEHRAN “A field commander of Iraq’s al-Mukhtar Army that attacked the camp where the commanders and members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization have been sheltered revealed that one of the MKO members had provided them with intelligence to carry out the operation.

‘The coordinates and locations of the (Liberty) base had been given to us by an MKO member who is now in Liberty,’ the commander said on Wednesday. He said that the difficult and painful living conditions at Liberty Camp makes the MKO members, who don’t see any chance to escape the camp, cooperate with groups like al-Mukhtar Army as their only chance for reversing the situation as they prefer to be killed or injured and be transferred out of Liberty than stay in the Camp.

Al-Mukhtar Army rocket attacks crashed in and around Liberty on Thursday, killing 23 members and wounding over 200, including senior commanders of the terrorist group.”

November 20, 2015

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