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Mossad Supports MKO

US, British and Israeli officials last month attended secret talks about the possible role and influence of the anti-Iranian, terrorist group ‘Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization’ in West-Iran political relations.

Discrepancies between Zionist lobbies and US politicians about US and West’s support for the MKO entered a new phase with the secret talks by the US, British and Zionist officials last May about the possible role and influence that the terrorist group can play in pressurizing Iran on the political scene.

A French journalist who asked to remain anonymous said that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, had attended some meetings with a number of the MKO members during the last 6 months, where the two sides have made some deals.

The source said that the two sides have agreed to keep their meetings secret and increase the number of their representatives in the said talks.

Consequent to the MKO’s efforts during recent years to get out of international isolation and have their group’s name crossed out of the US and EU’s list of terrorist groups, they started meetings with Zionist groups, an effort which led to the formation of a committee of Zionist Jewish Rabbis. Representative of Reagan Administration to the US Jewish Community, Gary Crap represented the Zionist lobby in the said committee.

The Jewish lobby has recently forced the US administration to cross out the MKO from its list of terrorist groups, but some US senators and congressmen have advised Bush not to take the measure, stressing that such a decision would put the United States under a big question mark.

The journalist, quoting a member of the said committee, stated that the Jewish lobby is demanding the US administration and President Bush to exclude the name of MKO from the list in return for the terrorist group’s cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.

The source reminded that considering the anti-terrorism feelings and atmosphere created on the political scene of the world and the US since September 11th and taking into account that the genuineness of MKO’s reports against the Iranian ruling system is much suspected, even the members of the MKO are not hopeful about the results of their contacts with the Zionist lobby and Mossad.

Fars News Agency

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