I left, because of the MEK involvement in child labour, execution and torture

Iran Farda TV broadcasted two interviews with Ms. Fariba Hashtroodi. Ali Limonadi interviewed Ms. Hashtroodi.  

Hashtroodi, a journalist and author, had formerly been with the MEK as a member of the NCRI.

In reaction to the interviews, the MEK went on overdrive everywhere to swear in the most horrible ways imaginable to attack her. They also forced every member of the NCRI to swear at her.

Apparently this is all because in her interview she said “why is Rajavi claiming that anybody going back to their homeland Iran is a mercenary, while he himself has been mercenary for many different parties – Saddam, MOSSAD, CIA, Saudi Arabia, etc, taking money and working for different places against interests of his own country”.

This is why the MEK is so hysterical against her. In the second interview Limonadi recollects trying to interview Marzieh the singer in Rajavi’s house in Paris.

He said “I tried to talk with her, but I was so uncomfortable because she was surrounded by MEK people all the time and couldn’t talk freely. The atmosphere was really horrible, how this old woman was under so much pressure. I felt sorry for her. A friend told me ‘you’ve delved inside the beehive and come out alive. Well done!”

Hashtroodi explains that “I left them for no other reason than that evidence was put in front of me by others which showed the MEK involvement in child labour, execution and torture along with other issues and I found I couldn’t turn my head away and deny it”.

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